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Wednesday, 05 May 2021

Rich fertile land, organic local produce, big family get-togethers, recipes handed down from generations past...

BlueVillas Gastronomy team sources fresh local ingredients and designs personalised menus just for you and your group. Let’s meet the man behind the vegetables, the person whose vision makes guests come back year after year to eat his delicious food: Chef Nikos


How did your love of cooking start and who influenced you?
‘My earliest memories are of being so excited to go into the kitchen to cook with my mother. This is where my love of food and ingredients started, and this passion has never left me. My favourite dish we used to make was Skordalia, a family recipe passed down from 3 generations!’

Which areas of Greece inspire your cooking?
‘I have travelled to many places in my career, and everywhere inspires me. I adore the cuisine of Corfu and Crete. These islands are so lush and steeped in ancient traditions, and the contemporary chefs there are re-imagining the recipes in exciting ways. On mainland Greece, Thessaloniki and the Peloponnese have wonderful ingredients and delicious specialities. For the islands, Naxos is my favourite. Naxos cheeses are a chef’s dream, and their olive oil is excellent. When I create new recipes, these places come together in my mind to offer me a wealth of ideas.’

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?
‘Having seen first-hand these ingredients growing and being produced I love to use locally sourced produce, especially sea salt, garlic, fresh organic tomatoes, local feta cheese and olive oil. I guess that makes me a true Mediterranean chef - right!’

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How do you design personalised menus?
‘We always discuss via email with the guests their initial ideas about what kind of meals they would like and of course the specifics of their group, like food allergies or special dietary needs. However, when the guests arrive and are here in Greece, we go to see them in person. This is an especially important part of the menu design process, once people are here, they can smell our food philosophy and culture and feel inspired, and together we make the cuisine magic happen.’

What are 3 dishes any guest should try when they come to Greece?

‘How can I say just 3 dishes, so many to choose from … well, all guests must try fresh grilled sea bass, and lamb chops. Also, the local tomatoes are a must, these 3 products cannot be found better anywhere else on earth ... oh and did I already mention the Greek olive oil!’

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So go ahead and book our BlueVillas Gastronomy Team to plan your personalised chef service at your luxury Mykonos villa. Check here our full luxury villa collection, and all our villas offer enhanced on-site Covid-19 standards and a flexible date policy. Email the Reservations Team today!

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