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Holidays for Humanity

BlueVillas Gives Back

At BlueVillas, we specialize in luxury hospitality on the Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Antiparos and Crete with our corporate offices located in Athens, Greece. Faced with the terrible situations of homelessness and the influx of refugees escaping war in the Middle East, BlueVillas decided it was necessary to give back to the community on a large scale. In order to facilitate our ability to give something back to a cause that is directly impacting our country, its citizens, and our neighbors, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. After much research, we chose to assist EMFASIS Foundation, a Greek non-profit organization founded to address the holistic needs of vulnerable and socially excluded groups, especially the homeless and the refugees. Through our CSR program, we are able to get involved in charity work and raise funds for local and global initiatives to positively impact our community and those in dire need of assistance, making our goal of giving back a reality.


EMFASIS Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Greek citizens living abroad. Faced with the horrible conditions they witnessed on the streets of Athens, they decided they needed to act quickly to make positive changes. EMFASIS works hand-in-hand with numerous social experts, volunteers, and community leaders based in Athens in a collective effort to provide humanitarian aid in response to both the socio-economic and refugee crisis Greece is currently experiencing. Based on the traditional principles of social responsibility, they founded this organization to address the needs of those social groups who are most vulnerable, specifically the homeless.

Additionally, EMFASIS engages in an internationally accredited program known as Social Street Work, whose main purpose is to support and protect vulnerable social groups by empowering them. Social Street Workers are constantly working to establish trustworthy and meaningful relationships with target groups. They encourage them to speak their minds and express themselves in a safe environment so that they can be provided the right kind of support. Social Street Workers have become the primary connection between the socially excluded and the social structures they need to support them. EMFASIS Social Street Workers operate on a face-to-face neighborhood level. They pay visits to people living on the streets and take a personal approach in designing full-care programs to address the needs of each individual by offering social, emotional, medical and psychological support.

Learn more about EMFASIS here


Humanitarian Crisis on our Doorstep: EMFASIS has built a solid and formidable reputation in providing fast humanitarian aid to those in need in Greece, despite functioning in the worst socio-economic crisis since World War II. As a Greek foundation, we are proud to work with EMFASIS during these extremely turbulent times when so many in this country are in desperate need for real assistance.

Personalized Services & Accommodation: Being that BlueVillas is a personalized services and accommodations company, we chose to support an organization that does the same, but on a community level for those in need. Like us, EMFASIS approaches problems by taking into consideration the needs of the individual.

Greek Initiative: We are proud of our Greek culture and heritage and so is EMFASIS. Founded by Greeks who saw an opening in which they could help their nation, we choose to aid an organization that is also proud to be Greek.

Private Funding: Relying solely on private funding, we admire EMFASIS’ dedication to bettering our society by raising donations via individual and private donors like us. With Greece still struggling to get out of the crisis, local funding is extremely difficult to come by, however, with clients from around the globe, we are able to create international awareness for such an organization.

How will Blue Villas help EMFASIS?

We are committed to assisting EMFASIS Foundation in the below ways:

1. We have created a special property collection, our “EMFASIS Donation Villas”, donating 1% of the total cost of the reserved selected villa to EMFASIS

2. BlueVillas will create awareness campaigns for individual donations for the organization

3. Employees working at BlueVillas will make an individual effort by collecting and donating items to EMFASIS, according to the current needs of the organization


Book one of the villas below for your vacation and 1% of its total cost will be donated to EMFASIS


Anemone (Offline only)

Pasiphae II (Offline only)

Rose Mallow (Offline only)


Take a holiday & make a difference with BlueVillas.

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