BlueVillas Meet the Team: Greek Heritage Sites

Friday, 29 January 2021

We asked some of our senior team about their favourite heritage sites of Greece and the Greek islands. Be sure to click the links for useful information.

Dimitris, Villa Consultant - Parthenon, Athens: a former temple on the Acropolis of Athens, dedicated to goddess Athena, completed over 2000 years ago.
‘I was born here so the Parthenon sits on my everyday horizon. I remember going with my school and being wowed by the size. And still today I like to go up there and wander around, visit the Acropolis Museum, then browse the lanes of Plaka and have a spot of lunch. It is fascinating to follow the paths of the 19th century neighbourhood, built by the islanders of Anafi. Also now there are the new lights at night, by designer Eleftheria Dekowith with the support of the Onassis Foundation. I suggest you to go to the museum first, so when you go up to the Acropolis you know what you are seeing.’

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Delos Island
Christina, Villa Consultant – Delos: a 3.5 sqm UNESCO listed islet off the coast of Mykonos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo, in the 1st millennium B.C Delos was a religious centre and working port.
‘No summer on Mykonos is complete without a trip to Delos. The ruins on the island are the remains of an ancient city and a sanctuary to the gods Apollo and Artemis. The Delos Museum on site is full of fascinating artifacts from the excavations, to imagine the daily life of people from thousands of years ago, our distant ancestors! You can go by ferry from Mykonos, but I suggest a private yacht to take you there, because swimming is not allowed on Delos, so you can moor the boat off the coast and relax on the water in style after your walk on the mythical island.

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delos unesco site
Image source: planetware

Knossos Palace
Amanda, Concierge - Knossos, Crete: Bronze Age archaeological site just south of Heraklion, Crete, the Palace of Knossos was the ceremony and political centre of the Minoan civilization around 1900 BC.
‘Crete is so diverse, so steeped in cultural heritage. It is a great place to visit, there is so much to explore on Crete, and my passion is art and architecture, I find so much inspiration here! The ancient Knossos is a short drive south of downtown Heraklion. The Minoan civilization built an amazingly complex and advanced city, as you walk around it is easy to imagine wise King Minos ruling over his people, and the myths of the Minotaur and of Icarus come alive. You must also go see the artefacts that are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. The city was abandoned by the Minoans, and it is thought the eruption of the volcano on Santorini in 1450 BC, was a major reason for the demise of Knossos.

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Image source: shutterstock

Corfu Old Town
Christos, CEO - Old Town Corfu: listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea and over 2000 years old with Byzantine, Venetian, French, British and Greek influences.
‘I visited Corfu last summer, and I really enjoyed my time there. Everyone thinks of beaches and resorts if you say Corfu, but it has so much more to offer. My stay in the Old Town was the highlight of my trip. You must visit the Venetian forts, the views from up there of mainland Greece and Corfu are mesmerizing. British palaces, the mediaeval Campiello, churches and parks, Archaeological Museum and chic boutiques, you can spend days and days exploring. And Corfu has excellent local cuisine, you must try the Gialetia for breakfast, golden corn pancakes served with cinnamon and local honey, just delicious! As UNESCO rightly states, the city is outstanding for its integrity and authenticity. It is truly fascinating place to visit.

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