Meet the BlueVillas Team: Christmas Goodies

Friday, 18 December 2020

It is Christmas time, and you know what Greeks love to do! Yes, that’s right, eat lots of delicious traditional sweets and savoury dishes. We asked the BlueVillas Team about their favourite Christmas food, and here is what they said…

Christos Founder MD
My favorite delicacy is Melomakarona. Even if Makaronia in Greek means pasta, it has nothing to do with it, it’s a delicious soft sweet, made from semolina and flour and flavoured with cinnamon, Greek honey, and walnuts. The more homemade they are the more delicious they are, and of course the more fattening but it’s Christmas, who cares!

Amanda Content Developer
I love Kourabiedes soft butter cookies with icing sugar on them, we used to bake biscuits similar to these at Christmas with my grandma in Italy. I can’t eat them without thinking about the heavenly smells of her kitchen and the excitement of being with all my cousins and relatives.

kourampies melomakarono 900x450
Image source: Athens Insider

Dimitris Villa Consultant
My favorite Christmas treat is certainly Kourabiedes and this is entirely due to my mom! She makes the best kourabiedes you have ever tasted, pure perfection! And don’t just take it from me, our whole extended family is waiting anxiously every year for all of us to meet for a massive festive dinner and taste them again two at a time, while making jokes and laughing at the sound of Christmas songs in the background! Of course this year we will have to skip that big dinner and keep it in a smaller circle, but… more kourabiedes for me!!!

Angeliki Graphic Designer
My favorite Christmas food is gingerbread cookies! I love cookies since I was a child because I baked with my mother spending hours making shapes of animals other Christmas themes and then decorating all the house.

easy paleo gingerbread cookies 11 of 21
Image source: Paleo Gluten Free

Calliope Concierge
My favorite Christmas recipe is a Stuffed Turkey with walnuts and pomegranate, that my grandma prepares with care and love!

Alex B2B Operations
Tsoureki, tsoureki, tsoureki! Tsoureki is a sweet pastry that my grandmother used to bake at Christmas & Easter. The Christmas version is with almonds and poppy seeds and I can’t wait for the Christmas morning to dip it in warm milk with cocoa and whipped cream. Try it once and thank me later !

Ermioni Intern
Christmas is all about family dinners where the food is the winner of the night. My grandmother is an amazing cook and she always makes me my favorite meal is stuffed turkey accompanied with rice and mushrooms. Can’t wait to taste it again!

221946 ThinkstockPhotos 497122474 copy crop
Image source: The Grocer

For authentic local Greek recipes check out our very own BlueVillas Chef Nikos. You can book him as your private chef when you stay at a BlueVillas luxury Greek villa.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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