Crete for Creatives

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Crete has always been a haven for artists and designers, a place to immerse yourself in cultural heritage and be rejuvenated by nature.

In prehistoric times Crete island was inhabited by the incredibly advanced Minoan civilization, named after their mythical king Minos. Minoan creative output was immense, and Greek museums house magnificent artifacts that continue to inspire us. See here a National Geographic article on the Minoans of Crete.

In the capital, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is a treasure chest of items spanning 5,500 years of visual art history. Exquisite pottery, carved stone objects, sculptures, animal carvings, figurines wall paintings, jewellery and intricate geometric patterns and designs. Check the link to browse the collection or better still visit while you stay in a luxury villa on Crete, like Epavli stunning Crete villa, only 15 km from the city centre.

It follows that the art and crafts movement on Crete is so vibrant. The local folk traditions still live on and inspire much of contemporary Greek interior & exterior design. Basket weaving, with the local grasses and reeds, metal work and knife making, and wood carving skills still used today by the church icon makers. Ceramic traditions and inspiration from the Minoan times can be seen at the renowned ceramic studio Tetraktis in the old harbour at Chania. Check the studio link to buy unique pieces for your home, like the ceramic wall art in the image, or join a class by a contemporary Cretan ceramic artist. You can stay at Florice villa from our Signature Collection just outside of Chania.


Another thriving art is textiles, weaving and embroidery with striking geometric patterns that are unique to Crete. This kind of design dates from the Byzantine times and has been passed down for generations. Weaving is making a comeback, with Athens designers finding inspiration for the latest fabrics and loom classes spring up in Crete. Klotho is a sustainable fashion brand founded in Crete in 2016 that brings together the Art of Weaving with contemporary design to create items of timeless beauty. Klotho run a weaving class in their studio in Rethymnon, so why not stay at Hearth luxury villa in Rethymnon and get weaving!


To see more contemporary Greek architecture, art, design, fashion, and photography to inspire your latest creative project visit The Greek Foundation Website.

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