Sustainable Tourism in Greece

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

This year in June at the Greek Tourism Confederation conference in Athens, the discussion was around sustainability and maintaining high standards of tourism to Greece. The President of SETE said that tourism could not develop long-term without environmental protection, boosting local employment, maintaining, and promoting local culture. [Full article here]

Greece is entering a new phase in its history of visitors to our country, and a new model of tourism for the next decade is being formulated. We all play a part in this, not just the government and ministers, but the local businesses, and the visitors as well.


Here at BlueVillas we are committed to sustainability and supporting grass-roots tourism, as a renowned destination specialist this is vitally important to us. But what can you as a visitor do you ask? Well here a few ideas to think about:

• Be sure that any match, cigarette, or flammable material that you dispose of is completely extinguished. Summer forest fires destroy thousands of acres of Greek forests every year.
• In your villa try to conserve water and reuse towels, all the islands especially face severe water shortages.
• Remember to turn off all lights and the air-conditioning in your villa when you go out or leave A/C on a low setting.
• On the beach be careful to dispose of your rubbish in a bin, it can be windy in Greece, and plastic can be blown away and end up in the sea.
• Support local business like a local supermarkets or fruit markets, local bakeries, and smaller local companies that offer tours or car hire, or local taxis.

On social media subscribe or click like on some of our favourite causes: Emfasis Foundation | The Orphan Pet | Onassis Foundation | Sustainable Travel International | Plant-a-Tree GreeceStainable Islands Platform


Watch this space, this year we will be giving you regular updates on causes close to our hearts and good things happening in Greece and around the world, as well as what is happening at and around our villas in terms of sustainability. We can all make a better world, starting today.

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