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Welcome to the most famous and cosmopolitan island in Greece! Mykonos - a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

Blue Luxury Mykonos villas offer the perfect setting for indulging holidays, exclusive honeymoons and romantic escapes in the captivating island of Greece.

Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. In Mykonos, celebrities, college students and families mingle together to celebrate the Greek summer. Stroll around its narrow marble streets and admire whitewashed Mykonos villas with colorful doors and window frames, bougainvillea trees in purple bloom and hidden churches. Let your senses free to taste, up to your heart's desire, all that Mykonos has to offer, restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches, shopping until sunrise, private cruises.

Ideally situated, Blue Luxury villas in Mykonos seem to reach for the sky whilst enjoying commanding panoramic views of the endless horizon and the enchanting Mykonos town.

Prestigious guests are welcome to surrender to the pleasures of heavenly indulgence and unrivalled privacy while staying in the most luxury Mykonos villas.

Seaside Mykonos villas enamours guests with inimitable aura of romanticism and unpretentious level of luxury.

Our aim is to surpass your expectations in every way!

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Mykonos luxury villa Cecile in Agios Ioannis
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Organize memorable parties in the luxury Mykonos villa, Cecile. You will find it in Agios Ioannis, the most enviable location in the island, since it is wind sheltered and close to town and famous beaches. The privacy of the villa guarantees the 16 guests that what happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos! Ready for a small tour?
The three-level villa has 8 double bedrooms and a small studio for staff. Cycladic architecture and minimal white elegance prevails in the interior design. 3 kitchens wait for the ambitious cooks to experiment on Greek cuisine. Don’t bother if you fail; our concierge can arrange a superb gastronomical experience with our chef.
The best part of course is the pool terrace! Infinity pool, loungers, sun beds and pool bar make the superb view look even better! Covered pergolas, gardens, BBQ, dining areas complete the scenery, outdoor music system and wine cooler with 70 bottles capacity! Make a playlist and get ready for a party!
If you want to live the famous nightlife of Mykonos, the town is close too. Our concierge will be happy to arrange your transfer, as well as everything else you might want. Just think of it and we take care of it!

Agios Ioannis Mykonos
€1400 - €4000
8 Bedrooms 16 Guests
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Mykonos luxury villa Carmel in Elia
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Escape in Carmel, a luxury villa in Mykonos, and enjoy the panoramic sea view while swimming in the infinity pool. The villa is cool/fit for 11 people, so grab your friends or family and get here. Carmel, located in the southern part of Mykonos, just 1.2 km from the famous Elia beach, can guarantee sunny and wind-protective holidays.
If you are the MacGyver type of guy, you should give the water sports in Elia a try. If you are a home person take advantage to stretch in the huge terrace and enjoy beautiful walks in the gardens. Get inside and admire the interior design which is full with work of local artists and limited edition photos. Palm trees around the pool complete the scenery for perfect relaxation.
Intelligent additions to further enhance your stay include a Sonos sound system to the drawing room, through which you can stream your own music and a home cinema system to enjoy your favorite movies.
Pick a date and join us! Our concierge will be happy to serve you breakfast in the large sun terrace. She will also be happy to book the best chef and arrange for you a traditional Greek alfresco dining with superb panoramic views across the bay and out to sea.

Elia Mykonos
€1200 - €2500
5 Bedrooms 11 Guests
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Mykonos luxury villa Althea in Ornos
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Welcome to Villa Althea, one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, located in Ornos, the south-west part of the island. Enjoy stunning views while swimming in the infinity pool. Althea, is part of a 4 detached villas complex, which makes it perfect for a huge party or event. Villa Althea can sleep 12 people, but if you are planning a big event, there is plenty of room in the 3 other villas.
The 3-level villa offers huge lounge areas for relaxation both inside and outside. The exterior design has a bonus of the panoramic view of Tinos island, but the modern interior is equally nice and relaxing. If you ‘d like to explore the island, you are lucky that Psarou beach and the town are less than 2,5 km away.
Let’s not forget our gourmet guys! Our traditional and fully equipped kitchen challenges you to make good use of it. If that scenario fails, our concierge will be very happy to arrange a Greek gastronomy night prepared by our best chef. Pick your company and leave the rest on our hands!

Ornos Mykonos
€1069 - €2138
6 Bedrooms 12 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Aline in Agios Ioannis
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Take your family or group of friends and head to villa Aline, in Agios Ioannis, in the southwestern part of Mykonos. The infinity pool becomes one with the Aegean Sea and the view is superb for photos! The villa combines total privacy and proximity to the best beaches; Agios Ioannis is only 850 m away.
Loungers and sun beds around the pool are perfect for quiet stretching by the water. Pergolas and lounge areas of all kinds are also perfect for relaxation and alfresco dining. Take advantage of the BBQ and the bar for cool gastronomy experiences in the sunset. If you are not fond of cooking, you can book our experienced for a delicious Greek meal cooked only for you.
Let’s go to the technology lovers’ stuff. Satellite TV, DVD/CD player, outdoor audio system and Bluetooth enabled waterproof sound system. And of course, WI-FI Internet access to share your photos with your jealous friends back home.
The cozy villa can sleep up to 11 people.  4 Master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and patios wait for you to relax. A single bedroom is perfect for a kid or live-in staff. Still thinking about it? Pick the date. Our concierge will be happy to plan for you everything you might need. Just ask for it!

Agios Ioannis Mykonos
€1000 - €3200
6 Bedrooms 12 Guests
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Mykonos luxury villa Delos View in Houlakia
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Delos View

Enjoy your private stay in our Mykonos Luxury Villa, Delos View. Located in Houlakia, only 700 meters from the beach, you can choose whether to get a suntan at the infinity pool or the seaside. Ideal for an event, party or celebration since it can accommodate 6 people in the main house and 6 in its twin guest house.
Admire the Cycladic architecture of the villa that blends perfectly with the breathtaking view. Take photos of the sunset that melts in the sea and prepare to go viral! Scroll or chill out in the huge verandas and the spacious terrace. Bored of drinking cocktails by the pool? Work out in the fully equipped gym and then relax in the jacuzzi.
You can always grab your friends and see for yourself the famous Mykonos nightlife. Pick the date and let our concierge take care of everything you ask for. Don’t miss the chance to use the barbecue and taste traditional Mediterranean food! Book our best chef for a sunset dinner at the pergola next to the pool bar!

Houlakia Mykonos
€990 - €3750
6 Bedrooms 12 Guests
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Mykonos luxury villa Aegean Resort in Kalo Livadi
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Aegean Resort

The Aegean Resort is a private three levels complex in the southern part of Mykonos, in the area of Kalo Livadi. Grab your camera and take advantage of the wonderful view, while cooling off by the 24m pool. If you get tired of your privacy you can walk to beach Loulos, only 50 m. away. The Villa can take in 20 guests, so you can start planning on your party or small wedding!
Sauna or jacuzzi? Hammock or lounger? In or out? The villa is here to suit every taste! You can plan relaxing nights inside watching TV or playing games. Or throw BBQ nights at the pool terrace. If you are not really fond of your skills, let our chef do it for you!
White and gray stone mingles beautifully with the scenery. Minimal decoration from the pergolas and terrace to the living room. You will fall in love with the Ralph Lauren furniture in the office room.
Our concierge will become your new best friend. Either curious to explore Mykonos town and nearby islands or live a unique experience she will be happy to book the best staff for you.

Kalo Livadi Mykonos
€1900 - €5900
11 Bedrooms 20 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Fabiana in Fanari
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Villa Fabiana was made for superb private parties for 18 lucky people! The four-level villa is located in Fanari, in the northern part of the island and away from indiscreet eyes. The closest beach is 2.9 km and the town 4.4 km away. We can arrange a car for you, but we can bet that if you see the view from the infinity pool you will certainly not want to leave the villa.
Gym and tennis court are available for the sporty people. For the party animals, we have a big surprise! Underwater bar in the 90 sqm infinity pool for endless cocktails! Spacious terrace with unobstructed view and hammocks and loungers wait for you!
Don’t miss the chance to use the barbecue! If you are not a qualified cook, our concierge will be happy to arrange a gastronomy miracle: traditional Greek food cooked by our best chef! Pick a date and your company and leave the rest to us!

Fanari Mykonos
€1900 - €6900
9 Bedrooms 18 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Paradise Gem I in Paraga
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Paradise Gem I

Organize your big party or family reunion in one of two attached villas, Paradise Gem I, located in the southern part of Mykonos, Paraga. Your group of 16 can relax by the huge pool or walk to the famous Paradise and Paraga beaches and get the party started!
Enjoy your privacy in the modern interior; huge bedrooms, cool living room and two playrooms! Once you get outside, you can mix with the crowd from the next villa as well, in the two infinity pools, verandas, shaded pergolas, white sunbeds and the barbecue. Either inside or outside, the view is perfect for selfies in the blue.
The villa overlooks Paros and Naxos islands. If you are curious for them and feel in the mood for island hopping, we’ve got your back! Our concierge can arrange a great tour for you and your friends!

Paraga Mykonos
€4400 - €5500
8 Bedrooms 16 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Albina in Elia
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Soaked in the Aegean sunshine just above Elia beach Villa Albina is a stylish pri-vate property within a residential estate. While overlooking both the countryside and turquoise sea - in a “best of both worlds” scenery - the location allows for easy access to Elia beach and its establishments, a less crowded side of Mykonos that also allows to join in on the nightlife given Mykonos Town is a reasonable drive away.
True to its summer residence concept, the outdoor spaces were designed to all face towards the view allowing enjoying it from virtually every corner of the pool terrace. A wooden deck surrounds the private infinity pool, adorned with sun beds and poufs while a grand pergola stretches out to cover the two distinct dining are-as, the bar and a cozy lounge corner overlooking the bay below.
The living spaces and bedrooms are purposely split on two levels, in full respect of one of the Cycladic architecture’s trademarks where the living room and kitchen spill directly onto the pool terrace with all bedrooms being located one floor down. The interior decor bears feats of a minimal and contemporary design creating a fresh ambience that rubs off as soon as one steps through the door. Thoughtful placement of modern amenities throughout complete the picture, a welcoming experience for Albina’s guests
This property is the perfect spot for travelers looking to experience Mykonos in a new, trending way: spending time in a stylish setting, close to a beach and not too far from the action famous across the Mediterranean.

Elia Mykonos
€929 - €1500
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Amaltheia in Kounoupas
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If Villa Amaltheia was a poem, it would be a perfect haiku: lconic, graceful and hard to forget. Located in the area of Kounoupas, at a convenient 7 minute drive from Mykonos town and just 10 minutes by car from many beaches, the property is as stark and minimal as it is imposing and majestic.

Halara Mykonos
€1250 - €3125
5 Bedrooms 10 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Concordia in Fanari
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Escape in your luxurious Villa Concordia, in the northern area Fanari, 4.4 km from Mykonos town and 2.9 km from the closest beach. Want to leave your troubles and doubts behind? Welcome to a totally private place, where everything is arranged for you; you won’t even need to move a finger! 12 beds, huge infinity pool, panoramic view is just the start!
Let’s start with the fitness enthusiasts! Wake up and have a walk in the sunny gardens! One power drink and you're ready to beat everyone at tennis. If you are not feeling energetic, we have you covered. The wooden veranda with the coolest view is the perfect place for relaxation. For the more demanding ones, we can book a private massage or yoga with the best staff.
Food lovers, it’s your turn! The dining area beside the pool is perfect for sunset dinners. For experienced cooks and roasters, the fully equipped kitchen and BBQ will be your favorite spots. For those who haven’t unfolded their talent yet, we can book our best chef for a traditional Greek meal. Cocktails in the bar and the pool before or after dinner is your choice.
Relax, laugh and have the best time! Our concierge will be there to help with everything you need.

Fanari Mykonos
€1100 - €3400
8 Bedrooms 16 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Ianthe I in Kalafatis
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Ianthe I

Enjoy your stay in Ianthe I, a luxury villa in Kalafatis located in the southeastern part of Mykonos. The villa can sleep 8 people- and we have an extra staff bedroom as well- but since it is part of a 3-semidetached complex, you can take a large group of people and organize huge parties and events. The view from the infinity pool look directly to Kalafatis beach which is only 1.2 km away. Windsurfers will be delighted with the beach!
The three-level villa can satisfy even the most difficult tastes! Minimal white decoration prevails throughout the big bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and living room. Cozy environment that feels like home with an exotic touch given by the two aquarium-style windows that look into the pool water!
The exterior feels like magic. Colorful sunsets by the pool and the large patio will make you want to throw terrace parties every day! Dining tables and BBQ help for such occasions! Our concierge can book a chef only for you, if you wish so!

kalafatis Mykonos
€1143 - €1929
5 Bedrooms 9 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Viviana in Elia
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Villa Viviana is a totally independent glamorous and beautifully presented, fully integrated, high specification contemporary brand new villa on the exclusive Elia Beach in Mykonos. Set in its own landscaped grounds high above the chic beach of Elia, it comprises six bedrooms and bathrooms sleeping up eleven people in total comfort.

Elia Mykonos
€1750 - €3100
6 Bedrooms 11 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Doriane in Aleomandra
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Are you a party of 10 and you wish for holidays in luxury and privacy? Welcome to Doriane, the luxurious 3-level villa in Aleomandra, in the southwestern and totally wind protected part of Mykonos.  You have superb view, yet no one else can see you; how cool is that? All-day-long relaxation by the pool is what you are here for.
Where shall we start? Let’s start from the outside! White marble terrace, private infinity pool, superb view and colorful sunsets and lots of places to stretch your feet; pergolas, sunbeds, stone built sofas and dining places. White and blue all over!
Moving inside you will see the minimal and modern character of the villa! White elegant bedrooms with king size beds and en-suite bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, cozy living room with fireplace and dining area. Try not to scream when you see the mini bars in EVERY room!
You will unwind in this earthly paradise. In case you want to stretch your legs, you can walk to the sea which is just 80 meters from the villa or drive to the town which is 5.0 km away. Our concierge will be happy to help you with everything you need, from traditional food to a trip to the next island.

Aleomandra Mykonos
€1143 - €2243
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests
Guests love it because...
Mykonos luxury villa Horatia in Aghios Lazaros
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Endless view from the infinity pool and white elegance wait for you in the luxury Mykonos villa, Horatia. Looking for a quiet getaway or memorable parties? Win-win! The 12-guest villa combines total privacy with proximity to events; only 2.8 km from the famous Psarou beach, in the northwestern and wind protected part of the island and 4.0 km from the town.
Sink in the white sofas in the living room or relax in the veranda. White stone prevails from the stone built benches to the bedrooms and kitchens that creates a cool atmosphere. Sunbathing in the terrace is the best part. The infinity pool that blends with the horizon is a compensating view; trust us on that!
Don’t forget to test your skills in cooking Mediterranean food; 2 fully equipped kitchens wait for you. No worries if this scenario fails! Our concierge can book the most experienced chef to prepare a sunset traditional Greek dinner at the pergola. Dining in such a view is a must!

Agios Lazaros Mykonos
€3334 - €5334
6 Bedrooms 12 Guests
Guests love it because...

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