5 reasons why digital nomads love Syros

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Greece has been one of the most favorite destinations for visitors due to the winning combination of climate, Mediterranean cuisine, and stunning landscape.

Digital nomads are no exception to this fascination. More and more people from all types of professions, from artists to online marketers, choose the Cyclades for their working place.

Syros is an attractive destination for digital nomads as it mixes top-notch teleworking perks with quiet charm and uncrowded beaches. Here are 5 reasons why digital nomads choose Syros as their place of work and residence.

Convenient location

Set right at the center of the Cyclades, Syros has been a significant port town and is easily connected with both Piraeus and the Greek islands by daily ferries and flights. The popular islands of Mykonos and Tinos are less than an hour away while Santorini, Naxos, and Paros are also easy to reach. Thus, Syros is an ideal base for island hopping and you can fully explore the magic of the Aegean. 

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Nice weather

In general, Greece has an ideal climate, and so does Syros. The hot weather and sunshine make it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling while swimming in the sea is not unusual during winter.

Fast internet

Fast and stable internet is a prerequisite for remote workers and digital nomads. Syros is based on an integrated network with full coverage, which offers fast internet speeds. Plus, almost all of the restaurants, bars, and cafes have free internet access, so you can bring your laptop along while enjoying a coffee with your friends.

5 reasons why digital nomads love Syros

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Beautiful place

Undoubtedly, Syros is a splendid island with golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful landscapes. The island is lively all year round as many people live there and all the local shops and administrative facilities are open. You will have the opportunity, without seasonality criteria, to have fun, enjoy the sun and the sea, and interact with the people of the island in a unique experience.

Interesting architecture

Syro’s capital, Ermoupolis, is a unique example of neoclassical architecture, designated as a World Heritage Site. Its unique and colorful buildings reflect the unique character of the island. The town was the Greek capital for many years and has been inhabited by Romans, Arabs, and Venetians. As a result, there are many neoclassical mansions that combine different styles of architecture, a sight that you will cherish as you stroll around the streets of Ermoupolis.

5 reasons why digital nomads love Syros

Source: Travelthegreekway

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