When holidays start and end fresh!

Many people go on holidays to relax, but get back feeling burnt out. It has happened to you as well, no doubt. How about trying a new style this year? Just be prepared, because all your colleagues will be jealous when they see how rejuvenated you returned.
Did you think of vitamins? Noooo, that’s so 2010! Yoga sessions and juice cleanse is the new thing. Give your body and mind a break.

How does that sound? Book your villa in Mykonos and live the dream of the cosmopolitan island but in a healthy way. You’ll get your suntan by the pool, you ‘ll enjoy the famous Mykonos town, you’ll have a selfie with the pelican, but something will be different!
Detox: We’ll replace your meals for 3-5 days with cold-pressed juices made of organic materials: super foods, fruit, vegetables and almond milk! Don’t panic, you won’t starve!

The detox package contains 5 juices that cover your daily nutrition needs. The juices contain the perfect combination of fruit and vegetables that have all the nutrients to boost your body. Did I mention that they taste delicious as well?
Try it and you’ll thank us later! You ‘ll see the difference quickly! Healthy skin, shiny hair and energy! You may like it so much that you’ll try it at home as well!

How it works: 5 juices a day for 3 reasons!
•    Give your body a break. 
•    Clear up from the toxins. 
•    Boost your body with nutrients.


Who would say no?
If you are a newbie, we don’t want to start hard on you. You can have a snack or energy bites, instead of a juice! Also, you can have coffee. Our heart would break, if you didn’t try a freddo cappuccino while being in Greece.
Feeling excited? For the nitty gritty part, please contact our consultant!

PS. DID YOU KNOW? It takes the body 15 minutes to absorb the nutrients!

Another PS. For more fitness and excitement, try even more exciting things! Combine your cleanse with activities like swimming, trekking, pilates, yoga or personal training sessions for the ultra-effect!

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