Rejuvenating holidays on Mykonos!

BlueVillas believe that holidays are for relaxing, for having fun and getting back to feeling good. We are what we eat and on holiday it is easy to over-indulge, that is why we have prepared for our health-conscious guests a special Detox experience. So, if you were worried about going to the party island of Mykonos and ‘over-doing’ it, we have you covered!

Book your villa in Mykonos and live the dream of the cosmopolitan island in a super-healthy way with our Detox package. You’ll get your suntan by the pool, you ‘ll enjoy famous Mykonos town, you’ll have a selfie with the pelican, but with a BlueVillas difference!

Detox Experience
Let us replace your meals for 3-5 days with cold-pressed juices made of all organic ingredients: superfoods, fruit, vegetables and almond milk! Don’t panic, you won’t starve!

The detox package contains 5 juices that cover all your daily nutrition needs. The juices contain the perfect combination of nutritious fruit and vegetables to boost your feeling of well-being. Did we mention that they taste delicious as well?

Try it and you’ll thank us later! You ‘ll see the difference instantly! Healthy skin, shiny hair and so much more energy! You may like it so much that you’ll try it at home as well!

5 juices a day for 3 reasons!

• Give your body a break
• Clear out the toxins that build up
• Boost your body with nutrients and sunshine