Couple Holidays Dos

Thursday, 16 November 2017

What happens when on first time holiday with your significant other?

What do boys and girls have to say about sweetheart holidays? We asked 4 boys and 4 girls their advice on couple holidays and especially for first time vacation. Their advice comes from experience, so cherish it. Generally, it all comes down to being flexible but also care for each other’s choices.

1.    Choose a destination you are both interested in
“She surprised me with tickets for the weekend and obviously I could not say no. It was boring and when I told her, she thought it was her fault and we obviously had a fight. It turned out to be a good lesson for us to discuss the place beforehand.”
2.    Keep it short
“Friendly tip guys: First plan what you want to do and then book your tickets. Never the other way around. On our first holiday the best tickets I found were for a week, so I booked them. Needless to say that on the 5th day I was counting the hours to leave.”
3.    Be romantic
“Let’s face it guys… When she’s with you and not her friends, she expects it. I remember that after we came back, the only stories she was saying, was some silly romantic gestures I had made. She was really happy!”
4.    Get ready to be flexible and patient
“Many things can happen from a bad mood to food poisoning or slow car transfers. Don’t sweat it too much. Try to be supportive and find solutions to have a good time. Nagging will only make it worse.”

1.    Pick a place that neither of you has ever visited
“Our first holidays together were good, but could have been much better. I ended up being his tour guide since I was living in the city during my studies. The next time though, I had so much fun because we explored everything together and I was not stressed whether he’d like the places I was taking him or not.”
2.    Compromise
“Trust me girls, it’s the best thing you can do before going: Cut a deal that you ‘ll do stuff that both love. Water sports one day, shopping the next. You ‘ll get rid of lots of fights.”
3.    Arrange to meet friends if you are staying for a long time
“It’s not that I don’t like to spend time with my man. I just always have much more fun if I have my romance in the first week and then join my friends. I don’t know, it’s just when you think that it was too much, then both of you get in a sociable, sexy mood. Try it!”
4.    Spend some time apart
“I ‘ve seen it in me and many of my girlfriends. We think that if we don’t constantly talk to each other, it’s a problem. Well, it’s not, so don’t even mention it. Read your book, go buy souvenirs, get your suntan and let him do things by himself. It works miracles for both.”

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