Travel with a large group this year

Thursday, 30 March 2017

The “travelling by yourself boosts your confidence” refrain has been around for a while. How about travelling in large groups?

All that stuff about travelling alone and being bold is not new. But for the BlueVillas team, travelling with a large group is even more challenging! Why? Because when you travel alone, you can make all your choices for yourself, no one pushes. But if you are a big party, then it gets complicated. Each member of the blue family identifies gaining confidence when travelling with a large group!

Christos: "Holidays with large groups are always fun and amazing. But a large group needs a “self-appointed” leader. So, being used in that role I take it and when it turns out that everyone had a great time, I feel superb."

Christy: "The others "push" you in a good way! I did scuba diving last year. I would have never thought of doing it by myself. And if I had thought about it, I would not have done it."

Dimitris: "By definition, it is a confidence booster for me. I am not used to staying with lots of people and trying to fit anyone’s desires in a week. But after you do it, you see that it was definitely worth it. Not to mention, that you never get bored with a lot of people."

Spuros: "I know exactly what you are talking about because last year I ended up with a mixed group. When I got home, I thought: “we did it”. Talk to me about confidence!"

Christina: "Well, it’s a lot safer. I don’t know if “confidence” is the word I am looking for, but I definitely feel better. I am sure that I do a lot of crazy stuff that I wouldn’t do when single."

I am sure that they all wanted to admit that confidence somehow was linked to Instagram followers skyrocketing, but I did not want to push!
Large, medium or small group the time to book your holidays is here!  Especially, for a group of girls, no need to worry. Your confidence will build up once you get kamaki vibes. What are you waiting for?

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