The S+M dilemma

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rumor has it that they are the most beautiful Greek islands.  And the truth is that we agree!

You, Santorini and Mykonos. All alone trying to figure out which of the two destinations you'll pick this year. No one doubts the beauty and uniqueness of the two islands, but who can say which is better in the end? And enough with the stereotypes! We could bet that you have heard expressions like, go to Santorini with your significant other to watch the sunset and go to Mykonos to party like there’s no tomorrow. 

So banal. Both islands have views and nightlife, so time to get things straight! We present the facts, you decide which is better for you! Our qualified consultants and concierges have spoken the truth!  

Santorini  VS Mykonos
The season in Santorini lasts from April to November.  Season The season in Mykonos lasts from June to September.
Santorini is not the typical paradise but has many unique beaches.  Beaches Mykonos has sandy beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.
You can reach Santorini very easily; in the summer there are more than 20 flights per day.  Flights You get to Mykonos fast as well; approximately 15 flights a day. 
Donkeys Mascot Pelican
Very family friendly destination.  Family A family friendly destination, but without much for the kids.
Nightlife status: Choose your favorite bar! Many bars for all tastes, but few dance clubs.  Nightlife Where are you partying tonight? Clubs, DJs, shows, beach parties are everywhere! Pro tip: Take your sunglasses with you before going out!
Great traditional Santorini products! Don't miss the fava and caper leaves and certainly don't come back without a bottle of Vinsanto.  Food You'll come back full from this holiday! Try all kinds of cuisine in awarded restaurants!
You will definitely discover the romantic side of yourself: amazing sunset, breathtaking views, amazing caldera. You won't stop taking selfies!  Views Beautiful island and Chora, but few memorable views.
Lots of activities to do: book a cruise, visit a winery, arrange a day tour!  Activities Few tours, so you can arrange to be in all of them!  Take a cruise to Delos island and hurry back to your favorite beach!
Book a villa at the highest point of the caldera to enjoy the view.  Villas Book a villa in the southeastern part of the island, very close to the beaches.

What do you value most? Views or nightlife? Choose your Greek island that suits your mood and your group this year and enjoy!

If you can't decide, you'd better check our luxury collection in Santorini and Mykonos, which will definitely help!

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