Christmas gifts for the experienced travellers

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Looking for presents for your friends, but think that you deserve something nice too? Our sentiments exactly!

This Christmas you can spoil yourself with gifts that will definitely make your life easier on your next trip. Here are some gadegts that everyone needs, but almost everyone forgets to buy! We assume that you have the basics and you want to take it one step further, of course! What we mean by basics? Selfie stick and power bank charger, duh!
Let’s see what you can cross off your list:

#1. Waterproof case.
Everyone takes as much photos as he/she can while on holidays. Underwater photos will mean much more fun for you and many more likes for your Instagram!

#2. Sleep mask.
It will become one of your carry-on essentails, once you try it. You know that you don't want to reach your destination tired!

#3. Travel pillow.
It can be greatly combined with the sleep mask for the absolut relaxing trip!

#4. Travel adapter.
Different plug configurations will make sure that your mobile, MP3, GPS, speakers and anything else you may need,will always be on!

#5. Light Weight Travel Towel
Once you try it, you can't go back. It dries 10 times faster than normal towels and it takes small space in your luggage. Sports and yoga lovers, don't second think it!

Which of them is for you? We hope you'll treat yourself to all of them. And for the test drive you know the best destinations!

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