Travel photography tips and tricks!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Instagram lover, but not a keen photographer? This era is about to be left behind! You don’t have to buy the best professional camera to take amazing photos. Take your mobile phone, pay attention and practice! You ‘ll stop being a newbie in no time!

Here are 6+1 simple tricks that will skyrocket your Instagram account!

1. First things first! You certainly need a waterproof case. Underwater photos are totally cool. They are spontaneous - ok most of the times - and fun.

2. Make good use of the light! Even if the scenery and content suck, the light will save the day.  Bright photos are eye-catching and optimistic.

3. Try your best not to use zoom – how weird is that? Your phone’s capabilities are certainly limited, nothing compares with a good lens. So, trust us, just step closer and the result will be much better!

4. Play with the sky shades. The sky color and clouds are fascinating, especially during the magic hour! 

5. Experiment on different angles. There are thousands points of view, when taking a photo. Work on something new, instead of the usual stuff.

6. Think outside of the box. Try to be as creative as you can, inspiration is everywhere! Focus your attention and camera on one thing and wait for a storm of likes!

7.  And last, but not least… explore as many new places as you can. New destinations offer many opportunities for amazing photos! Our suggestion?

Book a luxury villa in Mykonos or Santorini and happy photoshooting!

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