Top 10 Reasons Low Season Trumps High Season

Thursday, 25 August 2016

You love to travel in luxury, but your bank account won’t let you? You want to eat at the best restaurants, but hate that you have to make a reservation a week in advance? If you answered, “Yes,” to both of these questions, then you’re a low season traveller. And, if you need a few more reasons to know if travelling low season is for you, keep scrolling for our list of 10 reasons low season is better than high season.

1.   A luxury holiday your wallet will love.
 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. During low season on the Greek Islands, luxury villas are significantly cheaper than during peak season when everyone is scrambling to find accommodation. Renting a villa during low season will afford you all the perks of a luxury vacation without doing too much damage to your wallet.
2.   Last-minute boat tickets. Cheap plane tickets. #TravelGoals
Booking your boat and plane tickets in advance for low season periods will also result in you paying far less for the actual travel portion of your vacation. You won’t be restricted to certain flights or boats because they are almost fully booked, making it easier to plan your trip the exact way you wish. Ultimately, you worry less about finding the right flights or boat routes because so many of them will be easily bookable, cheaper, and accessible. 
3.   Last-minute restaurant walk-ins is a thing. #FoodGoals
 Waiting to get into a restaurant is a thing of the past! During low season you won’t have to worry about hoards of people running to dine the same moment you are. You can easily walk into your preferred restaurant without having to reserve or wait to be seated. Now, this is the life!
4.   Feels like your own private island.
There are some people who prefer the hustle and bustle of busy streets on vacation, but it’s safe to say most of us would rather have the ease of exploring the Greek Islands without the many crowds who gather during high season. It’s the perfect time to visit if you enjoy having your space and going at your own pace.
5.   Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.
Do not fear balanced weather is here! Low season in Greece runs through April to early-June and mid-September to October. These periods during Greek summer are especially nice because they have a perfect balance of cool and warm weather. During the daytime you will enjoy full sunshine with few clouds with warm temperatures hot enough to swim and suntan but not over-heat. At night you will enjoy cooler temperatures, which are perfect for enjoying cocktails and going for dinner or an evening stroll.
6.   Best spot on the beach is finally available. Woo woo!
Hate arriving to your favorite beach only to find there is absolutely nowhere to lay back and relax? Low season is here to put your mind at ease! During low season you don’t have to worry about getting to the beach at the crack of dawn to snag sun loungers, as there will be plenty waiting patiently for your arrival. You can finally go to Nammos in Mykonos without reserving a week in advance! Service on the beaches will also be much quicker solely based on the fact that there aren’t as many people. Oh, and did we mention the ample parking?
7.   If you talk to a local and act like a local, you are like a local.
If you really want to get to know the island you are visiting, low season is the perfect time to make it happen. Without the hundreds of thousands of visitors islands receive during high season, it’s much easier for you to mingle and enjoy quality time with locals who will be more than happy to personally show you around and suggest the best places for you to explore during your stay! But, just in case you need a head start, here’s our guide to Santorini by a local.
8.   Pay for a private chauffeur? Nah. Public Transport will do.
Do you hate crowded public transport like the rest of us? No need to worry during low season. Public transport is a piece of cake during these months because it’s less crowded and quicker! There will be no shortage of trains, planes and automobiles to get you to your destination!
9.   No Photo-bombs in Sightseeing Selfies.
Sightseeing during low season is a completely different experience than doing so during peak season. Without the large crowds you can take your time to explore ancient monuments, museums and so much more without the hassle of long lines. It’s also the perfect time to snap uninterrupted selfies and finally have that perfect solo-photo without strangers getting in the way of all your shots!
10.  Save to Splurge.
This is our favorite part of vacationing during low season. All the money you’ve saved on your accommodation, plane tickets, and transportation can be spent on something you’ve always wanted to incorporate into your holidays but maybe haven’t had the chance to before. Low season savings give you the option to visit more than one island (a.k.a. island-hopping), rent a sail-boat for the day to visit remote beaches, get a massage, do a little island shopping, buy plenty of your favorite Greek local products, or save it all towards your next Greek Island vacation!
Have you taken your vacation yet? We are telling you, low season is the way to do it. Book a luxury villa in Mykonos for September, and a luxury villa in Santorini in October. Your wallet, your mind, your stomach, your patience, your body – They will all thank you!

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