The Female’s Fashion Packing Guide for the Greek Islands

Monday, 13 July 2015

So, you’ve booked a week of bliss at a luxury villa in Mykonos or Santorini, and you don’t want to spoil it all and go looking like a tourist. So, what to pack and what to wear to feel like a stylish girl in the know?

The official trends from the Summer and Resort-wear collections for 2015 showed their love to retro-hippy-deluxe-chic seventies, fringe,  large florals and stripes, khaki, transparency, silk blouses, A-line skirts and a general bohemian mood. Contrast is key. So keep that in mind when packing your suitcase, if you want to feel like an It Girl on your holiday.

Picture your luxury Mykonos villa or Santorini villa, and open your suitcase, or plan ahead. Here’s what you’ll need to pack: 


- Beachwear: as in flowy sundresses, tunics, beach cover-ups, sarongs or high-waisted shorts, whatever you feel most comfortable in. Pack at least 3 different beach outfits for one week. If your destination is Mykonos, you can go as glam as you like guilt-free, you’ll fit right in.

- 2-3 bikinis at least, and perhaps a one-piece swimsuit for those afternoon cocktails by the pool. Don’t forget, most of your day will be spent by the pool or at the beach.

- 1-2 pairs of shorts and 3-4 tank tops or t-shirts for days you want to stroll in town. If you prefer sundresses for walking around, substitute accordingly.

- 1 pair of flip flops & 2-3 pairs of flat sandals. And keep in mind, the greek sandals are in style this season, so it’s a good thing you can find a pair you’ll love at every corner of every island- all hand-made leather!

- A Hat- it’s the perfect place to show off the hat you’ve been waiting all year long to wear. Not only is it great to finish off that perfect summer island look, but it also protects you from the sun!

- Beach bag with beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen & everything else you need.

- Optional: 1 pair of running shoes –in the event that you do go out and do some sort of non-beach activity (you never know!)


Whether you’re a party animal or a quiet type, being on a luxury holiday in Mykonos or Santorini, with balmy nights full of promise and starry skies, mean you’ll want to at least go out for dinner and a cocktail. And perhaps you’ll be persuaded to have another drink at one or more of the many amazing bars and clubs those two islands have to offer. So, don’t forget:

- 1 pair of high-waisted dressy shorts, or 1 long A-line skirt (maybe with a fringe?) or 1 pair of flowy trousers.

- 2-3 nice tops to go with the above- you can go with a cropped top or channel your inner 70’s style with an off-the shoulder look!

- 2-3 “Going Out” dresses- one of them maxi to channel the bohemian feel, stay classic and pack a LWD (Little White Dress) to match the cycladic design of the island, then choose a dress with a bright color (to show off your amazing tan) or with a groovy design to stay on trend.

- 1-2 shawls & scarves (it tends to get chilly at night)

- 1 denim jacket or cute cardigan (look above).

- 1 pair of platform wedges or heels. Please note that heels are a tricky subject on the cobblestone alleys of the islands’ towns, so your greek style flat sandals are highly recommended instead.

- Accessories & jewelry: It’s your choice, but, keeping it simple, gold goes with summer and tanned skin like tomato and cucumber in a Greek salad. Need we say more?

If there’s things you forget, don’t worry too much because both islands are a shopper’s paradise, with tons of labels represented as well as eclectic fashion boutiques. This is how you do the Greek Island Luxury Holiday looking like a celebrity, staying at your own Mykonos or Santorini luxury villa. What are you waiting for?

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