Ten Facts about Mykonos

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

1. The name “Cyclades”, where Mykonos belongs, was given to the 33 islands surrounding the sacred isle of Delos because of their cyclical formation.

2. Mykonos’ emblem is the big spikey lizard that the Ionians used to call “crocodile”.

3. The trademark whitewashed houses of Cycladic towns were imposed early in the 20th century by the former Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas.

4. The secluded beach “Houlakia” is protected by the Ministry of Culture and it is strictly forbidden for visitors to remove even a single pebble.

5. Petros the Pelican was named after a Mykonian fisherman who was executed by the Germans during World War II.

6. The island boasts over 800 churches and you can find 80 of them classified as historical museums at Chora (Mykonos town) alone.

7. The deliciously creamy and tangy Mykonian “kopanisti” cheese is a product with Protected Designation of Origin.

8. The church “Panaghia Paraportiani” owes its name to the small gate (paraporti) which used to connect it to the medieval castle right next door.

9. Mykonos has had its own ship wreck, since 1995. It is the Anna II freight ship which sunk off Lia beach and you can go diving to see it.

10. Mykonos celebrates over 70 country fairs. 38 of them happen in the Summer, during the high season, from June till September.

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