The myth lives on!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

According to Greek mythology, the creation of the Cyclades is attributed to the ancient god Poseidon. It is said that the god of the sea turned the nymphs called Cyclades into rocky islands, when they made him lose his temper. No details on what got him angry are recorded, but it's safe to say that one should not mess with Poseidon! Other legends refer to their name as being derived by the Greek word "cyclos" meaning circle, as the islands are scattered around the sacred island of Delos.

Santorini was called Strongili (=round) in ancient times, referring to its round shape. The island was probably sick and tired of being called round, so it took drastic measures and went on the "volcano diet". Its shape was significantly changed by the violent eruption of its volcano in the 15th century BC, when the central part sank, creating the -world famous- caldera. The eruption is connected with the myth of Defkalionas and Pira, the couple who survived the great storm created by Zeus to punish the people for their mean ways and unethical behavior. Chronologically, this storm is dated to about 1530 - 1400 BC. The myth sounds familiar, doesn't it? It's one more clue that all civilization’s religious beliefs have certain things in common.

However, another myth exists of a major flood, caused by Poseidon’s anger with the Goddess Athena in the battle of governance over Athens (won by Athena with her offering of an olive tree). In one way or another, it seems that it was Poseidon who was responsible (perhaps we could suggest anger management therapy, dear Poseidon). No wonder the Athenians picked Athena to be the city's protector, who in their right mind would want such a hot-tempered bully above their heads? Other myths and speculations connect the volcano eruption of Santorini with the sinking of mythical Atlantis, which still provides plenty of "fuel" for books and cinema scripts that excite our imagination.

How great would it be if the remains were ever found in the bottom of the sea? Let your imagination run free, because you never know what you’ll discover on your holiday at a luxury Blue villa in Santorini!

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