5 Luxury Amenities Invented by Ancient Greeks

Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Image from https://blogs.getty.edu/iris/everyone-was-drinking-inside-an-ancient-3-day-festival-of-wine/ Image from https://blogs.getty.edu/iris/everyone-was-drinking-inside-an-ancient-3-day-festival-of-wine/

How Ancient Greeks Shaped Contemporary Luxury Home Comforts

Ancient Greeks were experts in luxury. From voluptuous feasts to spa treatments, they really knew what they were doing when it came to unwinding in style. Greek God Dionysus was the god of wine and fiestas, for whom Athenians celebrated the Great Dionysia festival every year. This was a multiple-day event where people came together to dance, laugh, drink and enjoy themselves in luxury, treating both body and soul. On the other hand, Greek Goddess of wisdom and knowledge, Athena, blessed Ancient Greeks with brilliance and sophistication. This combination helped Ancient Greeks take luxury to the next level. The inventive and cunning Greek mind led to the invention of several cutting-edge technologies that we still use today. Let’s see 5 such examples below.

Robot Waiter

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Image from https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-much-do-you-tip-a-robot-bartender

The robot waiter was an invention of Philo of Byzantium also known as Philo Mechanicus. This ingenious mathematician and engineer came up with the idea of a mechanical anthropomorphic device, what we would today call a ‘robot’, which fills your cup with wine by simply placing it on its hand. The way this worked is through an elaborate mechanism that allowed wine stored in the robot’s body to pour into the cup, as the cup’s weight caused the robot arm to recline. The robot waiter was programmed to stop at the exact moment the cup was full and so Ancient Greeks could enjoy a luscious cup of wine in full relaxation.

Walk-In Shower

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Image from: https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/plumbing/install-luxury-shower/

Ahh, the pure joy of stepping into the shower after a hot day under the Greek sun… well, Ancient Greeks did spend a lot of time under said sun. So, they decided to build the first ever walk-in shower with continuous water provision. Sure, the experience of standing under a waterfall or diving in the cool waters of a river is fun and reinvigorating but stepping into your own shower in comfort and privacy is so much better. Wealthy homes started building elegant private showers to enjoy the power of fresh water and at the same time cities got equipped with public showers for all citizens.

Alarm System

wireless alarm system 1200x800
Image from: https://www.eldoradoinsurance.com/el-dorado-news/can-wireless-alarm-systems-hacked/

Feeling safe is paramount to everyone’s sense of comfort and ability to relax. This Ancient Greek invention allows people to zen out in safety for more than 1,500 years. It’s the first alarm system invented by Heron of Alexandria installed on the gates or windows of the house. It worked with the use of a trumpet and a vase filled with water. The trumpet was tied unto a stick. As the door opened the stick was pushed aside allowing the trumpet to lower into the vase. The pressure difference caused the air trapped to exit through the trumpet causing a loud sound.

Automatic Doors

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Image from: https://www.metek.com/en/home/automatic-building-openings/automatic-doors/

Heron of Alexandria was also the inventor of automatic doors. This architectural and engineering miracle was possible with the use of fire, water, scales and levers. As the water was being heated, the steam produced travelled to an adjacent cold-water tank placed on a scale. The movement of steam caused the scale to move, pushing a lever which mobilized the doors. When the heating stopped, the doors would shut again. Think about that next time you step through the automatic door of a Greek airport. This Ancient Greek invention was and still is a luxury convenience.

Underfloor Heating

Image from: http://dobarmajstor.ba/mag/Clanak.aspx?id=58

The Ancient Greek temple of Artemis in the ancient city of Ephesus exhibited a unique trait. The temple featured underfloor heating, which allowed the temperature of the interior space to be adjusted depending on weather conditions. Hot air would travel through pipes placed under the floor of the temple, spreading heat across the imposing rooms and allowing for a wonderful barefoot experience. This is a still in use ecofriendly luxury solution cherished by luxury enthusiasts.
It goes without saying Ancient Greek tradition, ingenuity and flair for luxury have found their way into contemporary Greece. Greece is a country where you can enjoy unprecedented luxury comforts.

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Image from https://historythings.com/25-ancient-greek-inventions-still-used-today/5/

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