Ammoudi – The sumptuous “Dimitris” story

Friday, 06 December 2013

To talk about Ammoudi, one must start by saying a few words about Oia. Oia is located high up on a cliff on top of the caldera and it is so spectacularly beautiful, that hundreds of visitors gather every night to watch the sun sink into the sea.

But, those in the know, also do something else. There are 214 broad steps leading down from Oia to the sea, to Ammoudi Bay. You may decide to skip the 20 minute or so walk accompanied by some of the island's donkeys and go by car through the old pumice stone mines. Whatever you do, once you reach the sea, you’ll be greeted by a charming little harbor with a tiny beach and four seaside restaurants.

The scenery of imposing red hued volcanic rocks over clear blue-green waters is stunning indeed. But Ammoudi is worth visiting for more than just its view. The food served in the local tavernas is just as unforgettable as the sunset.

We recommend one taverna in particular, “Dimitris”. The story of “Dimitris”, goes something like this.Iin 1987, Joy Kerluke from Vancouver, British Columbia, while visiting Santorini, met Santorini-born Dimitris Hamalidis, a barman in a night club, and fell in love with Dimitris and with Santorini. Joy and Dimitris opened their restaurant in 1989 and are still running it today, in what is considered to be one of the island's best.

The quality and freshness of the fish and the other seafood is unbeatable, often caught locally by Dimitris himself and grilled to utter perfection. This sets the standards for all of the other local and traditional dishes served, from the archetypical Greek salad to zucchini and tomato fritters (a Santorini specialty made from Santorini's famed cherry tomatoes), to the finest lobster-linguine, made from the local, claw-less, spiny lobster.

For a taste of pure heaven in Ammoudi Bay, book your next holiday at a Santorini villa!

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