What to wear in the Greek islands

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Luxury wardrobe planning!

Summer is finally here, and you were very quick to book one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, Greece. Go girl! Time to think of your luxury wardrobe now. Read our expert opinion and then go and create your personal #islandclothings on Pinterest.

Beachwear: Back to Basics

The place where you’ll probably spend most of your time, so you’d better look gorgeous! Dress light and think casual chic with the latest pieces of trends. Friendly tip: While looks are important, do not forget to keep your skin healthy with sunscreen and moisturizers. So:
•    Underwater: Pack at least 3 different bikinis or full swimsuits. You don’t want your Insta friends to see you wearing the same, both at the beach and by the pool in your villa.
•    At the beach bar: Colorful tunics and sarongs are always in fashion. Wear them on your way to the beach and dance yourself out in them at the beach bars as well.
•    Flip flops: 2 pairs will do! Match them with your bikini!
•    Beach essentials: Never forget the holy trinity of the beach. Hat, sunglasses, beach bag.
•    Gadgets: Waterproof cellphone case to avoid accidents, whether when plunging into the pool or the champagne glass drops on your phone!

Night outs: Party like the Greeks know

Remember that nightlife in the Greek islands can mean clubs in the town, beach bars, party in private Mykonos holidays villas or yachts, so you can always be glamorous but remember that you are still in an island with whitewashed buildings and cobblestone alleys! The good thing about the island of winds is that you can be as extravagant as you’d like. Do you want to let the boho side of yourself rise or channel your inner Lady Gaga?

•    Outfit: Whether an evening stroll around the fancy shops of Mykonos or heading for some shots in the clubs, you are about to see tanned girls with white dresses, floral patterns, flowy trousers and crop tops.
•    Shoes: You are about to walk on stoned alleys, dance in the sand and next to pools. You’d better avoid high heels and go for the absolute summer shoes, the platform wedges of cool adorned sandals. Match your suntan with vivid colors.
•    Accessories: Shawls and jean jackets will do the job at the night breeze. Small designer purse is always a must. Our favorite jewelry are the gold ones since they look perfect on the tan, but anything else that shines under the dim lights is welcome as well.

So, your summer guide is here with tips for all day clothing in the islands. You’ll definitely buy some more pieces there, as fancy boutiques are all around.

Have fun in the Greek islands! In case you need some help about the Mykonos or Santorini villas, feel free to browse!

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