Rules for Hangover

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The mesmerizing beauty and the vibe of the island predict that the odds to have a drink or two more are in your favor!

Well, we survived Mykonos, so you’d better get our advice for granted. No surprise there. If you drink a lot you are going to experience it.

But, what is hangover? Start by learning that and you are halfway into avoiding it. Hangover is your body’s reaction to dehydration. When you drink, you become (further) dehydrated from both the alcohol itself and the chemicals your body produces, as it tries to break down the alcohol you've consumed. So, golden rule: Avoid dehydration or try to rehydrate after that.

So, what should you do if you get carried away and you had some more shots?

During the night
•    Make sure you're hydrated before you start drinking.
•    Continue drinking water, while you're drinking alcohol for the reasons already discussed.
•    Eat a small meal high in healthy fats before starting to drink, like spaghetti, chicken, avocado, eggs.  Having something after many rounds of drinks will not help much.
•    Get some sleep. If your body rests, then the worst part of hangover has passed without you noticing it.

The day after
•    Eat a good breakfast. Try toast or pancakes in it, because they will absorb all the liquid that dances inside your stomach.  
•    Avoid too much caffeine. Drinking coffee to get better is a myth, coffee will only make you feel more awaken. Have only a small cup, because too much caffeine will dehydrate you more.
•    Get some exercise. Don’t go for CrossFit, a walk will do. We know it sounds crazy and it needs a lot of effort, but exercise will make you get rid of the toxins as your metabolism works.
•    Avoid the “hair of dog” thing, because it’s a myth! Drinking more shots will definitely tire your body more and you ‘ll have to deal with another hangover later. 

Hopefully, you'll remember to do at least half of the list, fingers crossed! But in any case, BlueVillas has your back. We created the hangover kit for our guests, so that they can have the time of their lives in a luxury Mykonos villa of their choice!

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