How to fake being Greek!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ahhhhhh…….Summer in Greece! You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your reservations and can’t wait to walk on that dreamy beach you have been gazing for days on your screen. Want in on a secret?

To really taste the Greek summer, you need to do 1 thing: Act like Greek. Forget about the classic sightseeing-guide-type of holidays and get ready to experience the real thing. Most tourists look like fish out of the water, but it is pretty easy to fool everyone and behave like Greek. Shall we see some tips?

# 1: Forget about breakfast before 12:00. Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day, but that depends on the time you go to sleep. Get ready for the beach and grab a bite from the traditional bakery. Time for your freddo cappuccino! If you don’t already know what a freddo is, you will be grateful to learn about it. It will be one of the things you’ll miss when holidays are over. Chat with a barista and he/she will be more than happy to share the recipe.

# 2: Head to the best beach to seize the day. Sunbathing and listening to great hits at a beach bar can last for hours. Charge your phone because it is sure as hell that you will take millions of photos in the blue sea with your friends. When the sun starts to set, it is time to head back to your villa and relax by the pool with a  cocktail. A cocktail at the most relaxing hour of the day is the best warm up for the night out. Be careful not to forget your snack; too early for a hangover.

# 3: Explore Chora -the island mainland- as much as you can. Taste traditional tapas along with ouzo, wander around the small streets, window-shop for gifts, chat with the locals, experience their way of life and forget “no” when it comes to treats. Enjoy the music and the local feasts. Discover every tiny street and you won’t regret it. Shops with amazing gifts, unknown secret places to take photos and of course innumerable chances to admire the design and architecture of the island. The vibe of the islands is superb.

# 4: Check-in to a place for drinks, but have in mind that the night in Greece is always young. Every time someone says “one last drink and then I go to sleep”, a party starts. You meet new friends every night. You are about to learn that you are a much better dancer than you thought. Ask the locals for a local feast and you will have the time of your life. Great food and dancing are guaranteed! Oh!  Don’t forget that dinner is after 9 p.m. and the nightlife starts after 12 a.m!

# 5: Take your sunglasses with you, because it is quite sure that you will end up returning in the morning; singing and dancing until you get to your bed. A power nap till next day and you are about to live the dream again.  By the way, did anyone notice that you are not Greek?
Friendly tip: Try to be a good boy/girl this year, as you will need more days for holidays to explore two islands next year.      

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