Sunset, sights, surf and seduction

Thursday, 05 January 2017

The summer sun may be months away, but let’s start booking tickets, because holidays on a Greek island is way better than cool. Which island will you cross off your list this year?

Grab your significant other and enjoy your romantic holidays or honeymoon in the magical island of Santorini. Santorini is famous for its stunning sunset and its sea drowned caldera. Sit down with a glass of Vinsanto and watch the sun melt in the sea. Your favorite hobby will change from sunbathing to sunset hunting- trust us! Ask the locals for the best spot and… happy photoshoot!

Crete is the island that appeals to all types of travelers! Great food, amazing beaches, natural beauty, but also many sights. When you’ve had enough of relaxing at the beach, you should take your travel guide and start exploring. Sightseeing in Crete can take days, since the sight are numerous, from the Knossos palace to Chania Old Town, so make your schedule in advance and get yourself a new camera! You won’t be able to stop taking photos!

Paros island has been chosen to host the Professional Windsurfing Association’s World Cup for 6 consecutive years. No surprise there, since the weather is perfect for sailing! Of course, you don’t have to be a champion to visit Paros, but we recommend that you try it, while you’re there; it is quite fun! You should be warned though: The combination of  the island beauty together with your love for water sports (because you will surely start loving them), will make you come back!

You won’t avoid it… Mykonos will seduce you. The most famous Greek island has unparalleled beauty, unique energy and pumping nightlife. You will feel like a star in Mykonos! You will eat in awarded restaurants, swim in the most beautiful beaches, have your photo taken in Little Venice and dance barefoot in the best clubs. The vibe of the island will make you beg for more!

Which of the 4 "s" speaks to your heart? Find what you want to do this summer and book your favorite Blue villa!

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