8 Must-Buys or Must-Trys on the Greek Islands

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Greek islands known around the world for their specialty items and unique creations visitors love to take back home with them. Mykonos, Paros, Crete, and Santorini are arguably the most popular vacation spots in Greece, and as such, we’ve created a handy list of our favorite local products from each island that we highly recommend you try as well!


 1.   Louza

Mykonos is renowned for its Louza (cured meat often made from pork loin or tenderloin). It is salted and rolled in spices, oregano, and peppers and then marinated in wine. The Louza is then left to hang dry in the open air and Mykonian sun. After two weeks it is ready to be enjoyed.
Where to buy: O Marakas (Specialty Meat Shop) found in Mykonos Town or Ornos

2.   Kopanisti Cheese Spread
Kopanisti cheese spread is another favorite delicacy from Mykonos. It is served as an appetizer and is a perfect dip to accompany freshly baked bread or savory biscuits. It is famous for its salty and spicy flavor and has been produced in Mykonos for over 300 years.
Where to buy: Ergastiri Kopanistis Dimitra Zouganeli in Ano Mera 
Recommended Villa in Mykonos: Villa Concordia 
3.   Wine
Santorini has a long tradition of wine production. It’s rich volcanic soil and special climate make it an ideal place to grow the finest grapes, which are then turned into some of the most popular wines throughout the Mediterranean. Nychteri, Assyrtiko, Mezzo and Vinsanto are some of the most popular local varieties that can be found in many restaurants and cellars around the world.
Where to buy: Art Space Winery in Exo Gonia
4.   Evil Eye Charms
The evil eye is a special part of Greek culture. Superstition has it that wearing an evil eye or hanging one in your home keeps evil spirits away. Today, it is more of an accessory and is often found in jewelry designs or in home décor. Buying an evil eye accessory from Santorini is definitely a perfect way to bring a little something of the island back home with you.
Where to buy: Epilekton in Oia

5.   Hand-made Leather Sandals
Paros is renowned for its leather production and as such produces some of the best leather sandals and shoes in Greece. Whether you want a traditional gladiator sandal or something with a more modern design, Paros is the perfect place to add fine leather sandals to your collection. Make sure to keep the sandals dry as water can often damage the leatherwork.
Where to buy: Sandali Paros on Main Market Street in Parikia
6.   Xinomyzithra Cheese
Xinomyzithra cheese is a staple of Parian cuisine. It has a soft granular texture and is great for making cheese omelets or adding to pasta dishes. It is made with goats’ milk and can be found on many Cycladic islands but we love the Parian version the most!
Where to buy: To Melissi Delicatessen in Naoussa

7.   Traditional Raki Liqueur
Raki or “Tsikoudia” as it is known in Crete is the most famous liqueur of the island. It is an unsweetened anise flavored alcoholic drink and is often consumed as an aperitif and as a welcome drink when arriving in Crete. It is made from the leftover grapes and liquid after the wine making process. Some raki is said to have an alcohol content level that reaches up to 90 percent, and this is why on the island it is often known as the “milk of the brave”. If a Cretan offers you a shot of raki, you should be sure to accept!
Where to buy: Bakaliko at the Main Square in Ano Aharnes
8.   Olive Oil
Besides it's famous raki, Crete is known for its exceptional virgin olive oil production. Crete’s climate and soil is ideal for growing olive trees and many olive groves and olive presses can be found scattered throughout the island. Greeks most commonly cook with olive oil and you will rarely see them use butter or corn oil in cooking. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is a healthy and delicious addition to any dish, especially in fresh salads. Be sure to get yourself a bottle while visiting Crete, it won’t disappoint!
Where to buy: Bakaliko at the Main Square in Ano Aharnes
Do you need an evil eye from Santorini to ward off all the jealous or want those Greek hand-made leather sandals from Paros to be the most fashionable of the bunch? Book your Blue Luxury Villa now and our concierge will show you the way!




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