Greek Island Wine Guide - The Nectar of the Gods

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Greeks have been growing grapes and making wine for thousands of years. Some claim it is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. Retsina is the oldest and most famous Greek wine, it is white and has a distinctive pine aroma, a ‘must try’- but an acquired taste! Vinsanto is a world famous dessert wine from Santorini, which is made with sundried Assyrtiko grapes.
There are over 80 wine Estates listed throughout all Greece. We list the most famous ones that you will find on the Cyclades Islands, and nearly all are open for visiting and tours of the winery, and, of course, wine tasting.
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Most famous wine Estates in Greece:
          Alexakis - The largest private winery in Crete
          Argyros - World famous estate in Santorini
          Boutari - The famous family estates  all over Greece, and in Santorini
          Gaia - Santorini
          Kefalonia Robola Co-Op - Kefalonia grape-growers’ union
          Lyrarakis - Heraklion Prefecture in Crete
          Mediterra - In the village of Kounavi in Crete
          Moraitis - Naoussa of Paros, near the beach of Aghioi Anargyroi
          Santo Wines - Union of Santorini Cooperatives with 1,000 active members
          Sigalas - Family run and owned estate on Santorini

Grape Varieties and types of Wine from the Islands:
           Aidani - White grape with aromas of flowers from Santorini and other islands.
           Assyrtiko - Famous grape from Santorini with high levels of acidity, even when fully mature.
           Athiri - A white lemony grape widely distributed in the southern Aegean islands and Halkidiki.
           Dafni - One of the oldest indigenous white grapes from Crete.
           Katsano – An ancient Santorini grape variety making a dry white.
           Kotsifali - Red grapes from Crete. It makes strong and spicy wines.
           Liatiko – Only found on Crete, one of the most ancient Greek red varieties.
           Mandilaria - Red grape from the islands, usually blended with other grapes.
           Mavrotragano - A rare red indigenous variety from Santorini.
           Monemvasia - White grape cultivated on the island of Paros.
           Robola –White grape, from the island of Kefalonia, fresh wines with a lemony taste.
           Vilan - A white grape of ancient Crete, it makes wines with aromas of flowers and fruit.

Are you dreaming of visiting a wine Estate in Greece and trying all of the diverse wines from the region? Book a villa in Santorini or a villa in Crete, and we will make your dreams come true.

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