The sweet side of the islands

Thursday, 27 April 2017
The sweet side of the islands

There are sweet secrets everywhere!

Greek cuisine doesn’t start and end with moussaka, Greek salad and souvlaki- though we should admit they are delicious! Each destination has a local traditional recipe that you should definitely try. Your luxury holidays in Greece should definitely involve meeting the local flavors. 

So, do you have a sweet tooth? Because, we will reveal 4 delicious desserts from Crete, Paros, Mykonos and Santorini for you! It is very likely that you will try one of the following as a treat in a tavern, but in case you don’t, try the local bakery and you’ll find them!

Crete: Kalitsounia (or kaltsounia)

Look for star-shaped tarts. Kalitsounia are very light sweets that will also be loved by those who do not crave for super sweets flavors. They are stuffed with Greek cheese (mizithra or anthotiro), honey and cinnamon. They are the best dessert for a traditional Cretan dish and as a side for your raki.

Paros: Zaharobaclava


Baclava is a usual flavor in Greece, but Paros took it one step further. Baclava is a honey and almonds sweet, only this time add sugar on it! 

Mykonos: Kalathakia  



Kalathakia means little baskets. Very close to the popular Cyclades sweets, amygdalota, Kalathakia are delicious small tarts with almond-based filling. 


Santorini: Koufeto 


Koufeto is honey boiled with toasted almonds. It started as a traditional wedding sweet and its symbolism lies in the honey standing for a happy marriage and the almond for fertility. Nowadays, it is widely spread and you won’t have a hard time finding it.


Of course, other delicious local products will be there for you to explore! Enjoy your luxury holidays in Greece! 



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