How to Order the Best Souvlaki in Greece

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How to Order the Best Souvlaki
Souvlaki basically consists of small pieces of meat that are usually served in a pita bread with garnishes and sauces, and often with fried potatoes.  The actual meaning of souvlaki is ‘little skewer’ so the meat in a souvlaki is small cubes of pork or chicken threaded on a small wooden skewer and cooked on a grill.  On the islands, Souvlaki is a very popular food, with locals and visitors alike.  In fact it is a must eat, so while you are staying in your luxury villa on Santorini or Mykonos you must try a Souvlaki!

To help you we have listed the food you can order in a souvlaki shop. The first thing to remember is that when people say souvlaki, unless they specify otherwise, they mean pork, but most souvlaki places serve chicken as well. The standard extras are French fries, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and tzatziki.  So if you are vegetarian you can ask for pitta with everything but meat.
This is pieces of meat – chicken (kotopoulo) or pork (hirino) – on a wooden skewer, usually served with a little bread on the side, and fries, if you ask for them.
Souvlaki Tilixto (Souvlaki wrapped in pita)
This means pieces of meat (either pork or chicken), that are cooked on the grill on skewer, and served with onion, tzatziki, tomato and fries and wrapped in pita.
Gyros Tilixto (Gyro wrapped in pita)
Gyros is meat shaved from a vertical spit, gyros is made with especially succulent pieces of pork. Tzatziki, fries, tomato and onion are added to the shaved meat before is it wrapped in pita.
Gyros Kotopoulo Tilixto (Chicken Gyro wrapped with pita)
Chicken gyros usually comes wrapped in pita with onion, tomato and fries.
Gyros Plate
This is a big portion of gyro meat, usually served at sit-down establishments. The plate is lined with pita and a large portion of the meat is laid on top with some tomato, tzatziki and onion on the side.
Of course you can pick the ingredients of your pita souvlaki, leaving out the onion, using mustard or ketchup instead, or whatever. Just Enjoy!!!
Some of the Souvlaki establishments we love on the islands:
Location: Mykonos Town
What to order:  Kalamaki Kotopoulo (Translation: Chicken Sticks)
Kalammmakia Mykonos
Location: Mykonos Town & Ano Mera, Mykonos
What to order:  Both gyro and kebab are great here!
Pito Gyros
Location: Oia, Santorini
What to order:  Gyro Kotopoulo Tilixto (Chicken gyro wrapped in pita) with fries
Yogi Gyros
Location: Main Square of Fira, Santorini
What to order:  Man-sized double pitta with pork kalamaki and all the trimmings

Have we made you hungry? Book a villa in Mykonos or a villa in Santorini and get ready try the complete deliciousness of souvlaki!

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