Mystical and untamed: meet Santorini's most iconic beaches

Tuesday, 20 August 2019
Theros Wave Bar, Vlychada Beach, Santorini Theros Wave Bar, Vlychada Beach, Santorini

Red, white or black, fully organized or secluded, Santorini has some really impressive beaches to showcase! Here's a sneak peek at the best of them.


Yes, we know. It might be one of the top travel destinations in the world, but Santorini is not what pops to mind when looking for a long sandy beach on the Greek islands. Its unique morphology and volcanic landscape don’t really say “turquoise waters”, but if you are beach lovers, don't think for a moment that you won’t find beautiful beaches here; because you will. It’s just that the fame of Oia’s sunset steals the thunder making everything else on the island feel like a sideshow. And although the beaches are not the main reason you’ve decided to come to Santorini – we bet that the volcano, the breathtaking views, the wine and the great food were way higher on your list, some of them are so memorable and one-of-a-kind, that are really worth a visit.

Shall we take a small tour of some of the island’s iconic beaches?



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A rare beauty, Red Beach is definitely a must-see on the island. It stands out for its red sand but also for the red and black volcanic landscape surrounding it. It is accessible either by boat from Akrotiri or by car. If you choose to drive or be transferred here, you’ll have to be prepared for a short walk to get to the beach – trust us, it’s worth it. Here, you’ll find loungers, coffee and soft drinks, so no need to carry any supplies with you. If you plan to visit the beach in August, you should know that it can get really crowded, so be smart and get up early to find a free lounger or at least a corner to leave your towel on. 



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Found at the southernmost spot of the island, Vlychada is considered by many the island’s most beautiful beach, due to its volcanic landscape and imposing white rock formations surrounding it, lending a moonscape ambience to it. Very easily accessible, since it is in the main bus route, Vlychada offers beach bars and umbrellas, but you won’t find it hard to isolate yourself, if you so desire. In the secluded part of the beach, once you get past the umbrellas and the scenic beach bar that is built like a natural cave in the rocks, you can go commando – you know, nude. The sea has formed many recesses and caves here, so here’s your chance to go skinny dipping and explore Vlychada’s underwater treasures!



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Part of a wider beach located in the southeast of the island, Perivolos with its numerous beach bars attracts mainly the youth, but its black sand and crystal-clear waters are a treat for every visitor. It is so extensive that there is no chance you won’t find a place to lay down your towel. Whether you go for one of the many beach bars or simply with your towel on the sand, Perivolos will have a spot for you. Due to the lack of natural barriers, the beach is exposed to southern and eastern winds, but you’ll have no problem when the etesian northern winds – known as meltemi – blow here.  



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Right next to Perivolos Beach – its extension to the north to be exact, you’ll find Perissa, a wide beach whose impressive combination of black lava sand and blue waters make it one of the most popular on the island. Including an array of beach bars, seafood taverns and water sports facilities, the beach is fully organized and the place to be for some fun time in the sun. Access is easy by bus or car. 


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