3+1 reasons why you should visit Santorini this fall

Friday, 14 September 2018

Find out why Santorini is still stunning in October & November!

So, you decided to visit Santorini in October or November. What a great idea! Book your tickets and get ready for an awesome trip you will cherish forever! Sorry, what? Your friends’ response to your plan was “Who goes to Santorini at this time of the year? Everything will be closed”? Well, the joke’s on them! You’ve probably heard of all the attractions that make Santorini the world-class destination it is, right? Breathtaking views, claret sunsets, the impressive volcanic caldera, charming traditional villages, unique local wines, delicious food and some award-wining events. Guess what! They are all still there in October and November PLUS there is one thing missing: the frenzied crowds of tourists rushing around like an ant colony trying to get the perfect sunset selfie in Oia!

Do you need more reasons to convince your friends? We got you covered. Here are 3+1 reasons why you should pack your suitcase for the Aegean in October or November this year. 

1: Fewer tourists-same attractions

Imagine walking down the picturesque cobblestone streets of Santorini that you’ve been dreaming of visiting for months or even years. You are in a good mood, the sun is shining bright and life feels good. But then you turn a corner and stumble upon a horde of manic tourists, thirsty to see everything! Your dream is ruined! In October and November, however, most tourists have returned home, and you can enjoy Santorini’s main attractions calm and uninterrupted! 

Villa Grace SantoriniVilla Grace Santorini

2: Eat and sleep at lower prices 

In October and November, most businesses still keep their doors open to attract the tourists that prefer a quieter time on the island –like you! The temperatures are lower, the food is tasty –maybe now even more– and the sunsets are still magical! Book one of our stunning Santorini luxury villas and indulge yourself in the privacy of your terrace with a relaxing plunge in your infinity pool or the jacuzzi. You will enjoy the same extravagance at better prices! Pro tip: when you are in Fira don’t forget to drop by Argos Restaurant Santorini to see what Mediterranean cuisine really tastes like.  You can thank us later.

TC Villa Santorini
TC Villa Santorini

3: Hot destination – not so hot weather

Autumns are mild on the island, with temperature averages of 23°C (73°F) in October, and a little colder –19°C (66°F) – in November. The water is still warm enough to swim in October, so you will miss nothing from the impressive beaches, and the temperatures are ideal for hiking, a tour of the volcano or the archeological site of Akrotiri and other outdoors activities, which are unbearable or even dangerous in the summer heat. Take your activewear with you and make the most out of all the island has to offer!

+1: October is still full of interesting events

October in Santorini is as rich in events and happenings as the summer months. There’s much to do if you visit the island during fall: the museums are still open, you can catch a cultural event at the Santorini Arts Factory (SAF) and you can always pay a visit to Santorini’s famous wineries for an unforgettable wine tasting experience! We hand-picked the best ones for you in a blogpost, so you can learn more here.

Santorini wine


Are your friends convinced yet? Book one of our luxury villas in Santorini for them and let them live a fall full of events and exciting experiences first hand!







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