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Thursday, 21 September 2017

What happens in Santorini does not stay there…

We asked our guests what we missed on the island this year and here is what they told us! We definitely trust their opinions since it was not their first time on the romantic island. Our luxury travelers were happy to answer our questions! Read carefully as they really know what to look for in the island and they are not just mesmerized by the sunset.

Itsy Beachy
Agios Georgios was the winner in the heart of our guests. It is one of the most famous black beaches with plenty of restaurants, bars and water activities. Start with jet ski safari for adrenaline pumps and then head to Fougaro for delicious meals. The highlight of the place was the reggae night! We keep our fingers crossed to have the chance and be there next year!

Fougaro Santorini


Meet me at the bar
Momix was quite a sensation this year with is molecular colourful cocktails. Our guests prefer it for the second drink of the night as there is no view there. Bu who cares when there is friendly (and cute) staff, cool atmosphere and super cocktails.

Momix Santorini

In the same manner Buddha-Bar Beach was a must! They were not crazy about the food, but as they said “pass by,  and you’ ll get why you should have drinks there. This view is nowhere to be found”.

My medicine is art
If you are attracted to paintings and sculptures, then the sophisticates AK gallery in Oia village is your place! Contemporary Santorinean artists present their work in gallery that overlooks the breath taking view of the caldera. Try it and you won’t regret it! 

AK gallery


Good food, good mood
Surprisingly, the famous 1800 in Oia shut down this season – it will be sadly missed, but there were somer great new entries  this season. Especially loved was Catch restaurant in Oia. Catch is exactly what it claims to be: “An entertainment concept for all of you with exquisite taste. The extreme power of the music and the airy, relaxed aura of Santorini will wake up newfound senses.”

Catch Santorini


The day trip to Ios was quite popular this year for groups of 4.  Why? Let us enlighten you! You jump on a catamaran and you have the chance to swim at the crystal waters of Ios island and more specifically at the amazing beach of Maganari. The crew members will offer you a yummy BBQ meal on a secluded bay in Ios and then you can return on time to Santorini to watch the sunset!

Ios Cruise

Need more? You can live the same amazing experience and give us your thoughts next year! Browse the luxury Santorini villas now!

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