White Christmas with BlueVillas

Monday, 10 December 2018

Do you need some inspiration for your loved ones’ Christmas gifts? Can you think of a better surprise than a luxury villa in Mykonos? We can't!

Christmas is almost here, and you are probably puzzled over picking the right Christmas presents for your loved ones. We feel you; finding someone the ideal Christmas gift is a hard task. And when you want to go beyond a scarf or a pair of knitted socks, it becomes even more challenging. As for giving the gift of travel? That might be the trickiest and most personal gift of all. 

If you don’t know what to get your special someone for Christmas, or if you are sick of buying toys for your kids every year, you should consider giving the gift of a vacation. There are many reasons why a trip to Mykonos could be the single most awesome Christmas gift you have ever given your family, your other half or your friends. And here’s the best reasons why you have to think about it this year!



First and foremost, the experience you and your loved ones will have on vacation will last way longer than anything you buy. Try and think back on every toy you were given on Christmas as a child; can you really remember any of them? But what about your trips away with your family? You definitely remember those! Think turquoise waters, whitewashed houses, cobblestone alleyways and a luxury Mykonos villa waiting for you, and you got yourself the perfect present, that you might have given away on Christmas Day, but will be impatiently expected until summer!

Imagine your kids' excitement when you surprise them with summer vacation at luxury villa White Haven! 


It might sound a bit cheeky, but yes, this is a good reason to book a luxury villa in Mykonos for your summer vacation and offer it as a Christmas present! Why? Let’s put it this way: if you give your kids a toy, you are not going to play with it; if you give your other half a pair of shoes, you are not going to wear them. But what about a summer trip? You are definitely going to be a part of it, simply because you planned it! Just pick a Mykonos villa for rent and let our experienced consultants help you plan the most unforgettable vacation slash Christmas present you have ever given!

Get ready to hear some exitement screams when you surprise your family with a week's stay at Villa Glory!


This might be hard to imagine, but simply think how much “ordinary” Christmas presents cost you – especially if you have children. On average, parents spend $200-300 on every kid for presents; that’s about the price of their share of a vacation, so why not put that towards a family trip? We know, this is also kind of cheeky but instead of spending money on Christmas gifts and on booking your vacation – that you were going to pay for anyway, just make use of our idea and combine the two to save money and surprise your family! Oh, stop! You can thank us later. 

Stunning villa Segolene is the perfect choice for a friends reunion!


If you are looking for a Mykonos villa for rent, there’s only one way to go. Booking with BlueVillas means you are getting the best deal. We guarantee that booking directly with us, will get you the lowest possible price for your stay. Plus, if you do it before Christmas, you enjoy even better offers! Don't hesitate to contact us and ask about rates and availability if you are interested in a villa. Our consultants will get back to you within the day with the best ideas. It pays to plan your trip in advance!


Just show your other half a picture of our favorite villa Carmina, minutes away from Psarou Beach, and wait to see what follows!


If you only need one reason why to give a trip to Mykonos as a Christmas present this is probably the best one – the time you will spend together as a family, as a couple or a reunion of friends. You will have the chance to get to know each other on another level and that’s the best part of a vacation together, no matter where you travel. Especially when you are staying at one of the BlueVillas Mykonos darlings, with every luxury amenity you can think of and a view of the sapphire sea right on your plate. Can you think of a Christmas surprise better than that?

Who could possibly resist staying at this unsurpassed beauty that is Fortunae Resort?

Whether you are planning a family getaway, a romantic honeymoon or a party animals reunion, explore your options in Mykonos and if you need help, just contact our experienced team and let us organize it with you! And remember; when you choose a Mykonos trip as a Christmas gift, you give your loved ones a Christmas to remember! Have a holly jolly Christmas! 

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