Mykonos is the best destination

Friday, 29 June 2018

Trying to find the best Greek island to get your bronze color on? We don’t mean to be predictable, but Mykonos is the best destination.

You will always find the best luxury Greek villas to relax and whatever your mood or your company, you are about to have the best holidays. International jet setters prove it every year as they rush to enjoy the glamorous lifestyle and the glorious sunshine in the island of winds, but if you need more proof, keep reading.

Mykonos is famous for its golden sand and turquoise waters. But besides that, you have may choices depending on whether you are looking for an unorganized or organized beach. And it gets better as you can choose among family, gay friendly, water sports, nudism, diving, surfing and wild party beaches! Don’t forget to check the world-famous ones, like Psarou and Elia.
BlueVillas Gastronomy
Greek cuisine has all the ingredients to please the most demanding palate. The culinary Greek experience never disappoints, and you’ll know it the moment you taste moussaka and horiatiki. Mykonos also has some local products that are not to be missed like kopanisti cheese, louza (cold meat), amygdalota and baclava sweets. BlueVillas gastronomy team can prepare for you a sunset dinner inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. Apart from that, you can explore an ethnic taste paradise with chefs from all over the world signing exquisite menus.  Explore Matsuhisa, Hakkasan and Kiku for eastern flavors and book a table at Interni and Remezzo for creative Mediterranean dishes.

Getting There
Whether you are only visiting Mykonos or combining it with another Greek destination, it very easy to reach the island. Coming by boat? Mykonos port is connected with 34 Greek ports. Do you prefer travelling by plane? There are approximately 15 flights per day to Mykonos and many international flights go straight to the island. Also, a helicopter flight from Athens is only 35 minutes long.

From the times of Onasis and Grace Kelly till today the island has been a magnet for celebrities, personas and entrepreneurs from around the globe. You are definitely going to rub shoulders with A-listers in Nammos and Cavo Paradiso and go shop the best brands at Matogianni street in Chora. The party-hard reputation is well deserved, so if you want to keep up you ‘ll have to start partying at 4 pm.! However, if your mood is different or you are here for quieter holidays, then you can skip champagne breakfasts and go for a more traditional and quiet mode. Enjoy long walks in Chora, eat at traditional places and drink the best cocktails in classy quiet places with Greek interior design.

If you can spend you morning away from the beach or your Mykonos luxury villa, you can take a cultural glimpse of the island. You can begin with taking the tour of Mykonos and learn the secrets of the island or you can opt for agritourism activities in a farm. For those who like to be relaxed during their holidays, they can take up a fun cooking class or take the cruise to Delos. Delos’ archaeological site is listed in UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is totally worth it. 

Private Yachting

Whatever your cup of tea when it comes to leisure time, you are going to find it in Mykonos for sure. Exercise-wise you can take up yoga classes or take private classes with your personal trainer at your Mykonos villa. There is also an abundance of water sports to pump up your adrenaline, from scuba diving to wind surfing. For some girly time, you can go shopping by yourself or with your personal shopper, go for spa, massage and some mani/pedi. Cruises are an all-time classic and very popular for groups of all ages. 

See? Whatever you are looking for, you can certainly find it in Mykonos. Most photos do the island justice, but it is even more breathtaking to experience it. Especially when the accommodation is magic. Explore the luxury collection now and Mykonooooooooooooooos!

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