Gaylicious Mykonos

Thursday, 04 May 2017

The island of the winds has been a famous LGBTQ - friendly spot, since Pierro’s glory time.

Mykonos is a relaxed, fun, stylish and posh island with cool beaches and places to welcome the LGBTQ community. The cosmopolitan hub has the best meeting points for endless fun, drinks, and flirt! If you are in the mood for a more private party, browse our luxury secluded collection. You’ll find luxury vacation villas that will host the most amazing events. Otherwise, explore the wild lifestyle and you’ll get why the island rocks the international gay scene immediately!

Mykonos is the most fun, cosmopolitan and loud island of Greece. Your friends will be jealous not only of your suntan, but your overall experience as well! Stretch your legs in golden beaches as the sun licks your body and get ready to start the party at midday. Members of the international showbiz parade next to you in Psarou and you try to decide with whom you’ll pose on Instagram. Your dream of swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Greece comes true, only with a small twist! You are likely to lie down in a sunbed next to RuPaul's Drag Race alumni! Try to avoid the blinking and jaw-dropping moments, because you’ll have plenty of them!


Suggested Beaches
Elia: It is one of the largest beaches on Mykonos island and the most gay-popular. The beach with the rainbow flag has good quality sun beds, crystal clear water and shades for rent. The sandy quality above and below the waterline is at its best in this area. Beyond the rocky outcrop towards the very end is a second beach mostly occupied by gay nude sunbathers.
Paranga: A beautiful beach with golden sand for amazing Insta selfies and rocks for sunbathing. Parasols, sunbeds, loud music and fun atmosphere! You can also try cruising around the rocks on the south side of Paranga for a change.
Super Paradise: It is one of the most popular gay beaches in Greece and you’ll find it next to Paradise beach. Exclusive beach parties start at any time of the day and you won’t be surprised if you drink cocktails instead of your morning coffee! You’ll find yourself dancing in the middle of the day next to celebrities!

You can explore all the beaches of the island as well. And why not stay at a luxury beach villa?

Suggested bars
@54: A MUST visit in Mykonos if you want to sway in pop and disco tunes! The view is superb so you can just chill outside and get inside whenever you think you found your dance partner! Start dancing and the night will fly away.
Porta: Every night in Mykonos town should start at Porta Bar. It’s the no 1 place for the party hardys.  You ‘ll never get bored of it since one night it plays disco and another one trance! Enjoy amazing cocktails and the friendly atmosphere. Socializing and flirting at its peak!
Lola: Right in the heart of Mykonos town, Lola is a synonym for lounge classy entertainment. Cool and buzzy atmosphere, with a unique character. Cocktails and chat are the only info we can reveal. Can’t explain more, you’ll sense it once you get there!
Babylon: If you are into house, techno, and progressive vibes, don’t miss Babylon. It features nightly drag shows and hosts theme parties. Here, no one remains a stranger for long!
Jackie O’: You’ll find it in the old harbor. Once you enter, you won’t want to leave. Dance the night away to the latest vibes with refreshing cocktails and shots.  Expect drag shows, dance till morning light and lots of fun.
Jackie O’ Beach Club: You ‘ll find this glamorous place at Super Paradise Beach. The restaurant, large open bar, pool, jacuzzi and private lounge areas have justifiably made it the new hot spot! High-quality service and views that will make you fall in love.

Pro tip: Combine your visit with the XLSIOR festival for the ultimate holiday experience! This year XLSIOR will take place froom 22 to 29 August 2018. Image result for xlsior

Did you start picturing yourself in the lively crowds of Mykonos? Thought so! Time to browse  our luxury home rentals in Mykonos now! In case your trip does not end in Mykonos, but you'll wander around Greece, then you'd better fine the inspiration you need in Jen's review! Have fun!


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