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Friday, 11 May 2018

Royal family visits Crete. Will you follow?

Once upon a time, a boy named Philip was born by Prince Andrew and Princess Alice in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece, in 1921. The young Greek Prince Philip and his parents had to flee the country shortly after in 1923. Prince Philip changed multiple countries for his education and after World War II he proposed to marry English Princess Elizabeth, whom he married in 1947.

The English Royal family already had bitter feelings for Greece, but it was further enhanced when the monarchy was voted to be ousted in a referendum in 1974. Since then there was no state communication between the countries. This 45-year hiatus comes to an end with the visit of Prince Philip’s son and his spouse. The heir Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will make a formal visit to Athens and the beautiful island of Crete as well.

Crete is famous for its beauty, civilization, warm people, food, raki and feasts. The royal couple will try to have a taste from everything as it will be there for only 1 day. The trip starts with a cultural agenda full of “Minoan” flavor. The first stop could not have been something else than a palace. The royal couple will travel back in time to meet the Minoan royal family and the majestic surroundings and way of life.

The Duchess will then continue to meet with children learning about Minoan Crete while the Prince will join a culinary event “Cooking like Minoans” accompanied by local mezze. After that, Camilla will visit Lyrarakis winery where she will explore the vineyard and wine cellar.

After that, the couple will visit the Heraklion Development Agency where the prince will meet staff working on the refugee project, before both Charles and Camilla meet members of the community and refugees.

The last part is the best. A taste of holidays at last, since this is the best time to visit Greece; the weather is perfect and privacy is guaranteed. A local feast will be organized in to say goodbye to the royal couple. An authentic Cretan glenti, a celebration with food, drink, music and dance, that are very fun and popular! Till next time Charles and Camilla!

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