5 seaside Crete villas

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Life is a beach! Everyone knows it!

Time to pick your summer holiday shelter the traditional way: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! And yes, the choice is Crete for this year. Holidays in a Greek island are a must, and we strongly recommend Crete which applies to all kinds of tastes.

But how can you pick your luxury Crete villa, when each of them is fantastic and has unique features? Here’s one way. If you picture yourself in the following sentence, keep reading. We got your back.

Imagine waking up at your cozy bed, stretch and yawn for 5 minutes and head straight to the crystal-clear sea for a fresh start of the day. Yeap, you got it right. The sea is only a few feet from your villa.

Let’s see 5 seaside villas in Crete that we picked in different locations and different concepts to suit everyone!

Olive’s house, Agios Nikolaos

Luxury Crete Villa

Only 200 m from the beach. Though it’s luxurious, you definitely sense the good will and Cretan meraki that is reflected in all aspects of hospitality, from breakfast to toiletries.

Hilaria, Paleokastro

Only 150 m from your private beach, it will certainly be a good choice if you feel like relaxing and enjoying luxury and nature in quiet.

Helios, Agios Nikolaos

Luxury Crete Villa

Only 200 m from the beach. Get your suntan at the beach or by the pool! Thought next to the sea, the view is amazing.


Hera’s Place, Agios Nikolaos

Luxury Crete Villa

Enjoy a private infinity pool next to a wonderful beach. Private garden and BBQ are also good choice to relax!

Suzette, Heraklion

Luxury Crete Villa

Only 180 m to the beach and you can combine it with a quick hammam before plunging into the crystal-clear water!


Pick the villa that is the best for your group or browse more amazing luxury villas in Crete! Enjoy!

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