Dance the summer off in Crete

Thursday, 18 May 2017

How do you imagine your luxury holidays in Crete?

We hope you are thinking of sun, beach, raki, dance, music and fun, because that’s what you are in for! Crete is one of the Greek islands that people of all ages and tastes can have fun! This year the case is no other! The limit for fun is the sky since there are plenty of festivals to let yourself loose. Taste international and local art with hundreds of others and prepare for the time of your life.

Experience true Greek parties and authentic local character. We believe that you’ll have an amazing time, but since you are the judge and jury, you can decide after you ‘ve tried it! Don’t want to ruin the surprise, so we ‘ll give you a small description, but we’ll leave you to imagine the rest.


May 20: Holi Fest
Holi Fest 2017, aka the festival of colors, is a festival that celebrates spring and takes place at the end of the winter. Starting from big cities around the world, it arrived on Crete and is here colorful and passionate. DJs, shows, bands, dancers, acrobats and Zumba instructors are here to amaze you!
Wear light clothes, take your group and get ready to paint the sky of the island. The festival started in April, but will continue in Rethymno on May 20 and will finish its tour on June 25th in Pagritio Stadium in Heraklion town.

16 June: Matala Festival
Join the Matala festival and let’s relive the hippie culture! What’s the story? Joni Mitchell released her album ‘Blue’, which detailed her experiences whilst living in the caves with the young hippie travellers, enjoying the tranquillity of Matala Beach and seeking freedom and equality.
You will find the village on the south coast of Heraklion. 3 days, 3 concept stages and lots of Greek and foreign artists and thousands of visitors unite in a superb music feast that will also host events like workshops, street painting and a bazaar, in order to relive that legendary era.
* No need to search in your closets for theme clothes. You’ll only need your swimsuit and flowers on your head!
matala festival crete

30 June: MAWA Festival
We shall call it an adventure and we are not exaggerating! MAWA shows different perspectives of art in the fast-changing digitalized world. It invites artists to cooperate with others and create a unique result that will it in the location of the festival – that is Gavdos this year. Gavdos is a small isolated island near Crete.
The 3-day festival offers a wide range of music: from Greek or Middle East traditional sounds, eclectic House, Reggae, Dubstep to 90s rave, Hip Hop and unique music discoveries.


26 July: Yakinthia
The festival with the strong flavor of local character returns again on Psiloritis mountain. Yakinthia takes place every year in July in Crete in the village of Anogeia. The cultural event takes place in order to honor St. Hyacinth – the party animals may think that this is not their cup of tea, but we urge you to try it! 
Every year, Yakinthia has a different theme, but the general idea is to combine Cretan music and folk tradition with music and traditions from other places of the Mediterranean scene. It will blow your mind!

Don’t miss the festival that coincides with your holiday dates! Of course, you shouldn’t forget to book your luxury Crete villa now for the ultimate feeling of amazing holidays!

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