5 villas that brought tears

Thursday, 06 October 2016

Tears rode down the cheeks of many people in the heart of Athens.

Tears of joy and gratitude! Thanks to you, our “Emfasis Selected Villas” helped a lot those in need! You did it!

Who said that you can’t make a difference while on holidays? You proved everyone wrong! The amount of money for a good cause that we gathered this summer not only made a difference, but also made us want to help even more.

A few months ago, we started our Social Responsibility Program “Holidays for Humanity” by partnering with EMFASIS - a non-profit organization that helps vulnerable groups in Athens, Greece. This summer many of you responded to this initiative and stayed at the “Emfasis Selected Villas”; whenever you stay in such a villa, 1% of the total cost goes directly to EMFASIS.

Feel like you share our mission? Book a holiday in one of the Emfasis villas for a good cause. You can see the whole list of villas here! For now, check the 5 villas that were the most successful this summer:

1.    Pasiphae I, Mykonos

Guests: 6 | Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 2
RATES/DAY: €427 - €1067


2.    Hera, Santorini

Guests: 6 | Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 2
RATES/DAY: €330 - €1460

3.    Hestia, Santorini

Guests: 4| Bedrooms: 2 | Bathrooms: 2
RATES/DAY: €250 - €1020

4.    Serenity, Santorini

Guests:5| Bedrooms: 2 | Bathrooms: 2
RATES/DAY: €770 - €1100

5.  Luxury Suites, Santorini

Guests: 3| Bedrooms: 1 | Bathrooms: 1
RATES/DAY: €570 - €750

We hope that all of us will continue to help and offer even more. Let’s make it our goal to make this list longer until next year!
Take a holiday & make a difference with Blue Villas Collection.

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