5 Villas in Mykonos with a Conscience

Thursday, 21 July 2016

At the end of March, we announced the start of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program called “Holidays for Humanity”. For our CSR program, we partnered with EMFASIS Foundation, a non-profit organization in which aims to help the most vulnerable groups in Athens, Greece, mainly the homeless and the refugees. We facilitate a variety of ways to aid EMFASIS in continuing their great work, one of them being through our EMFASIS Selected Villas. Actually, if we are being honest, this is a way that you can make an impact, just by taking a holiday and staying at a blue villa in Mykonos or Santorini.

Feel like making a difference by just relaxing at your private villa in Mykonos? Yes, but you’re wondering how it works? Well, if you book one of our Emfasis Selected Villas, 1% of the total cost will go directly to EMFASIS. Sounds easy enough, right? To get you started on your next Holiday for Humanity, check out 5 of our favorite Emfasis Selected Villas in Mykonos. (If you want the full list, click here.)


Guests: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 | Bathrooms: 5
RATES/DAY: €800 - €1743


2.   Aeneas

Guests: 6 | Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 4
RATES/DAY: €1134 - €1600


3.   Aethra

Guests: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 | Bathrooms: 5
RATES/DAY: €1680


4.   Cyanis

Guests: 12 | Bedrooms: 6 | Bathrooms: 6
RATES/DAY: €794 - €1927


 5.   Orion

Guests: 9 | Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 4
RATES/DAY: €1000 - €2400
Take a holiday & make a difference with Blue Villas Collection.


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