The Extravaganza Collection

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The extravaganza luxury villas are every guest's dream!

Only one week is left till the official summer arrival! Have you made your holiday plan or are you more of a last-minute group? No worries! We kept the best luxury villas in Mykonos, Santorini and Paros for you. For the first time, we reveal a sneak peek of our private collection: The Extravaganza Villas! And you shall take the term literally!

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for these villas, and you’ll get why, once you get a sneak peek of them. Extravagant in luxury, privacy, service, size, everything… All of them are huge - they can sleep a big party, but you can also host a bigger one there! They provide their guests with extreme facilities and comforts and the trained staff takes care of everything they need. No need to mention the view. It’s the best. Naturally.

Though we cannot disclose any more information on them, we ‘ll do the following. We’ll give you only one photo, the villa location and one hint! Let’s see:

MIDAS, Mykonos
It is located in the best and most expensive area of the island. Which is that? Agios Lazaros of course.


A playhouse would be more accurate as its name instead of a villa. It offers a gigantic pool, a dance club, gym, it looks like a full version of an isolated island but with every comfort, you can imagine.
Opulence extravaganza Mykonos


The biggest pool you ‘ll see on the island. We swear that you’d take it for a lake if you took a look at it with a drone!
Fortunae luxury villa Mykonos


New, bold, state of the art. Its architecture and design make a style statement.

Vision blue luxury villa

Unfortunately, we cannot describe this in words. Erosantorini iis an experience by itself. You can’t spell it, but you feel it.
Eros Luxury villa santorini

They have one more thing in common; you can’t find them online! Did you just start imagining yourself on a Greek island in a luxury Extravaganza villa? You can learn more by contacting our trained consultants. They will book the best villa for your group and they are only a click away

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