A paradise for Free Running

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Santorini was selected as the top destination for the Red Bull Art of Motion freerunning competition of 2013. Red Bull Art of Motion, which had its inaugural staging in Vienna, Austria back in 2007, brings together the world’s best freerunners on unique courses in epic locations across the globe.

The event saw the world's top 18 Parkour athletes from France, Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands, Russia and Greece, each performing against the world’s most stunning backdrop, described as the “perfect playground” for freerunning.

Firostefani village, found on the road north from the island capital of Fira and perched on the rocky cliffs over the Aegean Sea, with its flat rooftops, domes and terraces was the “stage” of this creative and acrobatic competition. Organisers said the white cube houses that spill down the side of the Santorini island caldera provide a perfect location for the sport.

The name Firostefani means “crown of Fira” and the village claims to have some of the best sunset views in Santorini although, to be fair, the same is true for most villages along the rim of the caldera.

Take a look at these stunning pictures which prove that Santorini really does live up to its name as “the world’s perfect playground”, and not just for freerunning.

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