BlueVillas Memories of 2017

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Another year has gone so fast. What happened in 2017?


The jolliest period of the year is fast approaching as we march towards the end of December. It is time to kiss goodbye the now old 2017 and continue to the new happy year. So, it’s time to rewind, right? At BlueVillas we went through our memories book and isolated our most important moments out of many. Let us show you the highlights of our luxury year. 

1.    April: Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2017 invites hospitality veterans in the East and who could not resist? The veterans in Mykonos villas, of course. (That’s us!)
2.    June: LE MIAMI 2017 is the hottest event to signal the start of the summer. Our CEO and Marketing Manager flew to the place-to-be in order to get insights on exclusive accommodation.

luxury villas conference3.   September: After the season was over, we decided to enter the next period by being creative. 3 videos and many photoshoots took place in the island of winds. We have great villas, great content and great team. And we want to share it with you! 
4.   September: The BlueVillas anniversary party celebrating our 5 years in Mykonos was one of our strongest highlights, since the team came together with home owners and had a fantastic night. And great cocktails, too!

luxurymykonosparty5.    September: Our CSR program grows stronger than ever. Our collaboration with Emfasis – the foundation for homeless people in Greece – was crowned with success once again. This year, we concentrated the biggest amount of money and that is why decided to participate in a stray dog program in Santorini as well.

csr luxury program6.    October: World Travel Market arrives in London and so does one of our consultants. We can’t help it! Just love to connect with tourism professionals and discuss future trends.  
7.    October: Two in one. One of our beloved consultants tied the knot with his significant other, while also a BlueVillas member welcomed his baby.
8.    November: Interview of Christos. Our CEO was again invited to give his valuable insights on Mykonos luxury villas for rent.
9.    November: The spotlight falls on our company again. Our CEO was invited to host a workshop at 100% Hotel Show 2017. The workshop was a great success. 
10.  December: For the second year, we are still on top of the exclusive pyramid as we were honored with 3 titles in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017. Our titles are Country Winner in the category “Luxury Serviced Villa”, Regional Winner in the category “Luxury Villa Group” and Global Winner in the category “Luxury Collection Group”. The trust that you show to us is the biggest honor.



What a year…

The festive holiday spirit always makes us emotional and nostalgic about many moments that we can’t forget. But we have found the antidote to that: browse our luxury collection of villas in Mykonos and summer will start coming closer! See you all next year!

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