And they did adopt a stray

Friday, 08 September 2017

Do you remember the Adopt a stray program that BlueVillas Collection started?
BlueVillas Collection continues its CSR program with great success!

This year, the spotlight fell on Santorini. BlueVillas has encouraged all our guests who wish to adopt and take home a stray, as well as guide them to help the stray organization of Santorini, SAWA, through direct donations. Our Santorini concierge, to those who have met her, our lovely Amanda, talked to us in order to give us the full experience of helping the dog shelter.

Amanda said:
“This season there was a serious rise in the number stray dogs, the island has a problem with the locals who refuse to neuter their dogs and in July there were over 50 abandoned puppies in the dog shelter, along with 100 adult dogs.

In June, I found a sick and starving puppy near my house, Goldie, and because the shelter was full, I fostered her at my house for 3 months, until she was adopted by a wonderful family in Denmark.”

Special Departures 2017

1 September 2017 - Santorini Airport
Amanda helping SAWA volunteers at the airport sending two puppies on their way to their forever families in Germany.

adopt a stray

7 August 2017 - Athinios Port
Sending my foster puppy Goldie and her friend Josie on the Blue Star ferry to Athens, to take their airplane to Denmark and their forever families.  From SAWA Facebook Page – click link to like.

adopt a stray

Amanda had this to say:

"SAWA is a charity and they can only continue the wonderful work they do with your help, follow the link if you can donate and help the stray dogs of Santorini, with food and medical care, and blankets for the winter. On behalf of BlueVillas: Thank you!"


During your next visit to Santorini pass by the Santorini Animal Welfare Association, and until then daydream about your stay in a luxury Santorini villa!

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