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Friday, 30 December 2016

Only two days left before we kiss 2016 goodbye! Are we happy with our review of the year?? Positive!

The "Blue" team took their coffee cups, their notebooks and their presentations and gathered in the meeting room. "Time for an annual evaluation and new resolutions, people" said Christos!! This year we faced a lot of challenges, but also had many successes. What we are mostly proud of, is the success of our Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR).

At the beginning of the year we decided, rather than do yet another boring corporate charity event, to do something that will actually make a difference. We realized that all of us individually were interested in charities that work with homeless people. At the same time, helping those in vulnerable housing, feels like an indirect juxtaposition to our everyday work. Hence, we decided to work with Emfasis, an NGO foundation that helps homeless and refugees in Athens.

At the end of this year, we’re proud of the plan we implemented and thrilled to announce that our initial goals were exceeded. We accomplished more that we were waiting for, in less than a year!
•  Employees created monthly care packages of food or clothes, according the organization’s needs.
•  Employees joined Emfasis Street Work teams during important projects.
•  BlueVillas donates a percentage of all booking made to its Emphasis Donation Villas, directly to the NGO
•  BlueVillas keeps raising awareness in the hope of encouraging individual donations to Emfasis.

But how this plan worked out for us? Perfectly!

Our team was really happy that we did not sit back and just donate money, but took action next to the Emfasis people. We are glad that we help, even though we are yet a small company. We are even happier that you support us in this effort.

For next year, we raise our goals and standards even higher! Fingers crossed and we’ll be able to achieve even more for causes that are dear to our hearts.

That was the highlight of our year! What was yours?
You still have time to make a difference, you know! Book an Emfasis Donation villa now!

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