Wake me up when October ends

Thursday, 27 October 2016

“Why is it the same feeling every year? Will I ever get used to it?”, Amanda wondered.  “October always makes me blue. The wind ruffles my hair, as I walk in the not any more crowded streets of Santorini. Where are the happy couples and the laughing groups of friends?"

“I wish that I could wake up straight in the middle of November, when the season is well over and the sweet melancholy has passed to give its place to waiting for Christmas. Because the middle situation in October kind of sucks. So many experiences and memories run through my mind. Can summer start again?

It was by far my favorite year! Sweet groups of friends and families thanked me for my advice. The truth is that I am the expert when it comes to experiences, but don’t make me blush! It was indeed a very exciting year. Tourists and island-hoppers came to admire the natural beauty and the cool experiences of the island. Thank God, they trusted me!

Cruises around the volcano and wine tasting were of course a must! People loved local wine, which they had the chance to try in the local feasts as well, always accompanied with meze and a lot of dance. The art lovers really enjoyed the Santorini Arts Factory in Vlychada with the amazing shows and exhibitions as well as the music festival of Santorini. What a night! The concerts were held in various venues in Fira and on the night of the Ifestia Festival they played on the streets and people danced all night.

The sports enthusiasts knocked it off with horse riding and biking and the amazing outdoor events. The Oia Art of Motion by Red Bull invited free runners to fly from the blue domes for two days. Following this, for the second year running we enjoyed the Santorini Experience, a sports weekend for people of all ages and abilities, with swimming to the volcano from the old port in Fira and different walking or running routes on the cliff top path from Fira to Oia.

Do you see why I miss all of it? These are all memories that we created together and I just can’t let go. Please wake me up when October ends. And please come soon to the island, so that the season starts early!”

Amanda - for those who don’t know her - is the Blue Villas concierge in Santorini. She will be your new best friend when you visit the island. Pick your date and book your favorite luxury villa in Santorini.

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